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The case of Jessica Beaumont - CHRC Victim

The Slippery Slope of Censorship at the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission

The case of Jessica Beaumont

The following quotes have been found to be a violation of Section 13 of the dictatorial Canadian Human Rights Act (Internet censorship) The following is taken directly out of the Oct 26, 2007 decision of the Canadian “Human Rights” Tribunal in the Warman v. Beaumont case.

(See every Single ruling by the CHRT in a Spreadsheet)

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[Para. 16] This message was posted on a sub-forum entitled “Let Muslim women keep hijabs on”. The discussion related to a news report that then Prime Minister Paul Martin believed that the practice at Montreal’s airport of requiring Muslim women to remove headscarves as they pass through security screening should be stopped. Ms. Beaumont posted the following comment in this regard:

That drives me nuts, I take photos for the citizenship, passports, pr (permanent residence), visa cards etc. and as I have been told from human resourses that the ears MUST be visable, which means, if your hair covers your ears, it has to be tucked back.

I don’t care if it’s a religious thing or not, if you don’t want to follow our rules, even if it is taking off your scarf thing for one lousy picture, then stay out of my effing country!

[Para. 22] This message was posted on a sub-forum entitled “No Need to Feel Threatened”. One of the participants in this discussion suggested that there was nothing wrong with having “nonwhite” friends. Ms. Beaumont replied to this suggestion as follows:

I just don’t feel the need to be-friend non-whites, as they can do nothing for me, nor would I like to associate with them. I am fine with my own kind, and always will/have been. Theres my f*cking answer. Good enough? If not, PM [private message] me, well debate this some more.

[Para. 29] This message is found on a sub-forum that asked participants what they considered were five things that concerned them as “white Canadian Citizens”. Ms. Beaumont answered the question as follows:

1. Immigration

2. Freedom Of Speech (and everything else)

3. People need to wake up, and grab a sense of morality.

4. People who support “gay marriages” although are not gay, even if they are…. IT’S SICK!

5. Basis of/for Deportation for illegal immigrants (this needs to be followed through with A LOT faster, and more watched)

[ Para 34] This message was posted in a sub-forum about whether same-sex marriage would be recognized in Alberta . Ms. Beaumont’s commentary in this respect was, “I hope Alta never lets those degenerates marry, it’s just vile!

For the above quotes and 24 other comments, Jessica Beaumont was fined: $4,500 and given a Permanent lifetime speech ban (Cease and Decist order) from ever post comments similar. If she posts similar ever again, she may face up to 5 years in prison!

The Canadian Censorship Regime

This decision by Canadian Human Rights Tribunal is yet another nail in the coffin of free speech on the Internet for Canadians brave enough to identify themselves by their own names on Internet websites. It marks an unblemished record of convictions dating back to the 1970’s. No one, yes no one, in the 39 years of thought control Section 13 (1) which once applied to only telephone answering machines but under the guise of “anti-terrorism” was passed by Parliament and now covers the Internet, has ever been acquitted. This fact, as much as anything, bears out the fact that Section 13 is nothing but political thought control.

In Burma or Myanmar or whatever they’re calling that place today, a tyrannical regime beats and jails peaceful monks for expressing their political views and opposition to the powers that be. In Canada , we’re just a little craftier in suppressing dissent or criticism of powerful groups. We beat up on a young woman who had the interest and fortitude to express her views. No slack is shown for spirited, sometimes forceful, even vulgar or in-your-face expressions on Miss Beaumont’s part. She offended the privileged minorities and must be punished. Even if what she said was 100% true, it makes no difference to the thought police. Had Jessica Beaumont been a crack head, party girl with no other interest than her next drug hit, Canada ’s corrosive political correctness would have had no interest in her. In fact, the more brain dead and compliant people are, the more they are mere producing and consuming drones, the more this country seems to like them. Above all, if you have any dissenting notions, “shut up!”

The Canadian Human Rights Commission in Internet cases always picks on victims who are White, right of centre, usually young and almost always poor. The persecution of Jessica Beaumont was no different. She was too poor to retain a lawyer, makes only $10/hour and fined $4,500 with only 120 days to pay!

Who the

CHRC attacks?

Active and Past cases: 46

Cases the tribunal ruled on: 37

Total complaints received by CHRC: 100

· 0% of respondents have ever won a section 13 case before the tribunal.

· 100% of cases have Whites as respondents

· 98% of cases have poor or working class respondents

· 90.7% of respondents are not represented by lawyers

· So far, $93,000 has been awarded in fines and special compensation since 2003.

· 35 respondents have lifetime speech bans (Cease and Desist) orders and if not followed the victims could face up to 5 years in prison.

· 72.4% of complaints specifically identify "jews" as victims.

· 48.8% of all cases are by Richard Warman

What is “Section 13” of the Canadian Human Rights Act?

"Section 13" is Canada 's shameful internet censorship legislation. It makes it a “discriminatory practice” of the Canadian Human Rights Act "for a person or a group of persons acting in concert to communicate ... any matter that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt ... " against a host of privileged groups. Such as race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

“Contempt” is so vague it can literally cover almost all forms of criticism. According to past Tribunal ruling, truth is no defence, it only matters if someone's feelings were allegedly hurt. There are ZERO defences. The head Internet investigator for the CHRC, when asked about Freedom of Speech testified that: "Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don't give it any value."

If found guilty of a Section 13 violation:

*Permanent (lifetime) speech ban will be registered with the Federal Court. If found in violation could face up to 5 years in prison

*Fines of up to $50,000 per named respondent


Biased and Unfair TRUTH is NO Defence 100% Convictions Lifetime Speech bans

Censors ...