Thursday, December 27, 2007

Has the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission become the Communists?

Has the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission become the Communists?


The Canadian Human Rights Commission

The Communists targeted one race

The CHRC targets only working-class White Canadians, whose beliefs they disagree with and negatively label

The Communists used unfair courts and tribunals while limiting any possible defence

Not a single person has ever won a case before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (over 46 cases…) Truth is no Defence!

The Communists targeted the poor

98% of victims the CHRC attacks are poor. 90.7% of victims are so poor they are not able to even hire a lawyer to represent them.

The Communists used all means at their disposal to silence their opponents.

The CHRC shall “…try by persuasion, publicity or any other means that it considers appropriate to discourage and reduce discriminatory practices” Section 27(h) - Canadian Human Rights Act

The Communists used the NKVD to attack political opponents

The CHRC has benefited from the Police raiding people’s homes for alleged “hate”. No criminal charges come but the CHRC uses the seized material against victims before the Tribunal

The Communists would get people fired from their employment over their beliefs

A recent victim of the CHRC (Terry Tremaine) was fired from his position at the University of Sask. for his political beliefs.

The Communists used street thugs to attack their enemies

Paul Fromm, Canada’s largest defender of CHRC victims, had his home attacked by a crazed mob of radicals. The CHRC paid and used as a witness, one of the radicals that physically attacked, threatened and screamed death threats at Mr. Fromm

Dictators and repressive regimes around the world all have the same idea in mind. They want to control information and stifle dissent at all cost. Under Joseph Stalin, political dissidents were imprisoned and sent to concentration camps. In today’s communist China, the Communist politburo plots to “purify” the Internet (China's top Red vows to 'purify' net – The UK Register, Jan 24th, 2007). In Canada, the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s “strategic initiatives” section plots to “cleanse” the Internet of critical opinions, ideas and speech it doesn’t like. In all cases, the effect is the same: State sponsored control of information and political repression. Then CHRC investigator Richard Warman told the London Free Press that the Commission needs to “weed” the Internet.

Because of the fanatical ideologically driven efforts of the “human rights” maniacs at the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Canada has now sunk to the level of a China, Communist Russia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in terms of censorship. The apparatchiks at the CHRC regularly scour websites like looking for anything to attack their political opponents with. During testimony at the Warman V. Lemire hearing throughout January and February, 2007, evidence was tendered by the defence team documenting the avalanche of extremely racist hate posts on Internet message boards come not from some underground Nazi movement of anti-semites, but rather from political agitators, government infiltrators and most shockingly Canadian Police agencies!

(CHRC) Freedom-snatching


Students of history will have heard of SMERSH. It was a forerunner of the KGB, a Communist Party commissariat under Josef Stalin. SMERSH was empowered to investigate and arrest conspirators and public critics of "the Party" - people living in the former Soviet Union didn't have constitutional freedoms.

Well, Canada has its own commissariats, in the form of Human Rights Commissions.

Some people refer to them as "kangaroo courts," but that is misleading because they really are dangerous. That's why I call them Commie-Commissions, and like SMERSH, they are empowered to investigate anyone who does not abide with the current stream of political correctness

August 10, 2007 - WorldNetDaily Tristan Emmanuel

Rev. Tristan A. Emmanuel is the Founder and President of the Equipping Christians for the Public-square Centre. He is a graduate of McMaster Divinity College at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario with an MTS. And he is an ordained minister.

CHRC Emulates Chinese Internet Control Policy

In Red China, dissidents like Zhang Wei, were subjected to show trials and kangaroo style courts, then locked away in jails. Wei is currently in a Chongqing jail for six years, due to the horrible crime of running “unapproved news” in his paper. In Germany, dissidents like Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf sit in prisons for daring to question certain aspects of history. In Austria, historian David Irving was subjected to prison for his beliefs.

Unfortunately, like other totalitarian countries, Canada has the stain on its history of imprisoning people due to their non-violent political beliefs. In terms of the Internet, so far at least three people have been or currently are in prison. Including Tomasz Winnicki, Reinhold Meuller and recently a six-month jail sentence handed down to Jean-Sebastient Presseault of Quebec for material on his website.

Imprisonment is the most extreme form of censorship, but the Canadian Human Rights Commission practises a similarly poisonous brand of censorship – financial and emotional repression. This includes protracted hearings before quasi-judicial tribunal hearings, costing the defendant thousands of dollars that can never be recovered, not to mention tax-payers, who are on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars per case.

The misnamed Canadian “Human Rights” Commission is currently undertaking an ideologically-driven war against speech and political commentary on the Internet. So far, they have ONLY accepted Section 13 (of the Canadian Human Rights Act) complaints against people the CHRC doesn’t like. To date, over 100 complaints have been accepted and EVERY single one of them has been against White Canadians. NOT A SINGLE complaint has been accepted and sent to the tribunal against any other ethnic group. Favoritism is shown to political friends of the CHRC and they are given a free pass and the complaints against them are swept under the rug. If you are White; truth and intent are no defence. If you are an “anti-racist” caught posting hate on your website or posting hate on Internet message boards, no problem for the Commission.

Currently the biggest case before the Tribunal, is the case of Warman v. Lemire. The CHRC is seeking to hold Marc Lemire liable for material he never wrote, and, as amazing as this sounds, the CHRC even refuses to detail what they are even complaining about! Their only agenda is at all costs to silence Marc Lemire who exposed their dirty deeds. Just like those in China, arrested for “printing the wrong news” – the CHRC is attempting to have a LIFETIME ban placed on Marc Lemire, prohibiting him from posting on the Internet.

Chief persecutor for the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Giacomo Vigna, said in a November 8, 2006 motion before the Tribunal, that just the “titles” of documents on Marc Lemire’s Freedomsite, are prima facie (on the face of it) proof that everything on the website must be banned. As “prima facie” proof, Mr. Vigna amazingly lists as hate articles written by mainstream media sources like the Vancouver Sun, Georgia Straight and even official House of Commons Hansard. Vigna even went as far as saying the founding legislation of the CHRC, the “Canadian Human Rights Act” is “Prima facie” proof of hate violations! The Canadian Human Rights Commission is truly Orwellian in nature: to them “Freedom is Slavery

As of November, 2007, 46 cases have been brought to the Tribunal since the inception of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (Internet censorship law), and every single one of the defendants was White. 98% of all cases involved poor defendants and only 9% could afford a lawyer to represent them. It appears, the CHRC has become the Political Police, and will use “any means necessary” to enforce their will on Canadians.

Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada):

"Human Rights Commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society…It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff."

(BC Report Newsmagazine,

January 11, 1999)

Whom the CHRC attacks?

Active and Past cases: 46

Cases the tribunal ruled on: 37

Total complaints received by CHRC: 100

* NOT A SINGLE respondent have ever won a section 13 case before the tribunal.

* 100% of cases have Whites as respondents

* 98% of cases have poor or working class respondents

* 90.7% of respondents are not represented by lawyers

* So far, $93,500 has been awarded in fines and special compensation since May 9, 2003.

* 35 respondents have lifetime speech bans (Cease and Desist) orders and if not followed the victims could face up to 5 years in prison.


Biased and Unfair TRUTH is NO Defence 100% Convictions Lifetime Speech bans