Monday, January 14, 2008

Canadian Human Rights Commission called before the Federal Court of Canada to justify Spying Operations on Canadians


Where:      Federal Court of Canada

180 Queen Street W

                   Toronto, Ontario


When: January 15, 2008 – 9:30am


CaseMarc Lemire Vs. Canadian Human Rights Commission


Who:  Media Contact Paul Fromm: (905) 274-3868


Fireworks will fly on Tuesday when the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s spying operations are exposed in the Federal Court of Canada.  For the first time ever in history, the Canadian Human Rights Commission is being challenged by Marc Lemire for it’s spying operations, abuses of the law, deception and Agent Provocateur agenda on Internet message boards and websites.


Like some mobster in a U.S. trial who keep invoking the Fifth Amendment, the CHRC is trying to keep the veil of secrecy wrapped tight around its spying operations on Canadian Internet dissidents. It’s tool of choice is Section 37 of the Canada Evidence Act. This allows government representatives the ability to prevent disclosure (hide) and claim “public interest” immunity over the disclosure of information that the CHRC alleges to be injurious to Canadian Government security and/or operations of a Federal agency.


During a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hearing in May, 2007, the CHRC invoked Section 37 numerous times during expert questioning by Marc Lemire’s legal counsel – Barbara Kulaszka. The questions are surrounding the link between Police Agencies and the CHRC, as well as the spying operations this federal government agency has been involved in. Marc Lemire has filed a constitutional challenge of the Canadian Human Rights Act, especially Section 13, the notorious internet censorship provision.


The evidence Marc Lemire is challenging before the Federal Court is explosive and will blow the whole agenda of the CHRC into the open. In a 300 page record, prepared by lead counsel Barbara Kulaszka, the abuse of Section 37 by the Commission was laid out in amazingly clear detail.  Those 300 pages decimate the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s claims and expose the spying operations of Canada’s Thought Control apparatus




Issues at the Federal Court Review


CHRC using the account “Jadewarr” on the White Nationalist website

The CHRC stopped all questioning of this infiltration account.  “Jadewarr” was used to engage Marc Lemire and others online. This is part of a larger scheme, with the Edmonton Police hate crimes unit posting outright discriminatory messages on using the name “Estate”. Evidence before the Tribunal shows “Jadewarr” was a CHRC employee.  We want the name


The relationship between the CHRC and Police

The CHRC has been trying to elevate itself to a police agency.  They only have statue remedial powers, but through a series of police agreements they have access to highly secured police databases such as CPIC. As well Motor Vehicle records, phone records, police powers of search and seizure.  We want to know the extent of the relationship and how its been used


The CHRC silencing critics during the Same-Sex Marriage debate

In 2003-2004 the CHRC had filed 5-6 complaints against users on AOL Online, who were critical of homosexuality and opposed to same-sex marriage.  We want to know the names of the respondents and what effect the CHRC had in prosecuting only critics of same-sex marriage


The CHRC’s investigative techniques

Throughout the course of Marc Lemire’s hearing, it has become clear the CHRC has used shady tactics to go after those they don’t like.  This includes using tools to reveal the identity of online users, such as WHOIS and Visual RouteWe want to know how they used those tools and why



The Canadian Human Rights Commission is drunk with power and during 2007 has set it’s targets on both Internet critics and mainstream magazines. Currently Macleans Magazine and Catholic Insight magazine are under investigation as well the federally registered political party – The Christian Heritage Party.


Marc Lemire is a Toronto area computer expert who runs the Freedomsite ( and was charged by the CHRC in 2003 for alleged violations of Section 13 by mostly unknown parties on an internet message board he ran in 2003. As part of his defence, Mr. Lemire is undertaking the most serious constitutional challenge the Canadian Human Rights Act have ever undergone. To date there has been 25 hearing days, and Mr. Lemire has called world-renown expert witnesses to challenge every aspect of Internet censorship by the CHRC. The Canadian Association for Free Expression has interested party status in both the Tribunal and before the Federal Court of Canada.



The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Active and Past cases: 46  |  Cases the tribunal ruled on: 37


·         NOT A SINGLE respondent have ever won a section 13 case

·         98% of cases have poor or working class respondents

·         90.7% of respondents are not represented by lawyers

·         $99,000 has been awarded in fines and special compensation since 2003.

·         35 respondents have lifetime speech bans (Cease and Desist) orders and if not followed the victims could face up to 5 years in prison.



Section 37 info at:

CHRC and the Canadian Police:




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