Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WARREN KINSELLA: The Internet's Attack Poodle.. targets Marc Lemire




The Internet's Attack Poodle...



Warren Kinsella has taken it upon himself to attack me on his website over the past few days. Poor Warren is mad I have called him out numerous times for not telling the truth. 


Instead of wasting my time replying to more of Kinsella's lies, half-truths and libel, I have decided to open the Kinsella files instead.  See what a sleeze he is yourself.


There is already plenty on my website about who Warren SPINsella is. (See: Kinsella’s Kookpot, Kinsella Lies again) 



Internet resources: 

  • Kinsella pays Rocan for libel,  
  • According to Wikipedia, Warren was front and centre with his band "Shit From Hell"  After reading Wornouts blog, perhaps Shit from Mouth would be a more appropriate title?


Here is the real dirty side of Kinsella, from an E-Mail exchange with me in 1999, which ends up with the great debater SPINsella calling me a "Hitler-loving pillow biter".  He also wants to "meet me" for a beer.  I agree ... Kinsella buggers off. This may have been interesting since Kinsella had ties to the ultra-violent Anti-Racist Action (according to his buddy Agent 007 Matthew Lauder)


Notice most of the E-Mails were sent from the Law Firm he worked at. McMillian Binch.   Such professionalism.  Maybe it's that since I am not a trained lawyer, and didn't pass the bar, I wouldn't get such great retorts as "why don't you shove them up your arse"






The Kinsella Files

(To see a larger version of any emails click on them)




According to the former research director for the Guelph and District Multicult centre - Matthew Lauder, Kinsella provides "a lot of info" to the violent street thugs at Anti-Racist Action.






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