Thursday, March 20, 2008

*** CHRC Secret Hearing Thwarted thanks to the Internet. Evidence of CHRC Spying/Entrapment Posted online

March 25, 2008 SECRET HEARING!

Evidence to be used against the Canadian Human Rights Commission and it's spying on Canadians and totalitarian repression of speech

The Canadian Human Rights Commission want a Secret Hearing on March 25, 2008 when Marc Lemire cross-examines two Canadian Human Rights Employees on their campaign of spying on Canadians and entrapment on internet message boards.

Marc Lemire will not be another victim of totalitarianism and censorship.

Lemire is going to blog online the contents of the Secret Hearing - live while it is happening, a majority of the evidence that is going to be relied upon is going to be posted online, so all Canadians can see what the CHRC is really up to with their spying and infiltration operations.

Live updates of the Secret Hearings as it happens.

(available at this link as it happens on March 25, 2008)

Evidence Presented at the March 25, 2008 hearing

Exhibit - Respondent (Lemire) R-17

Table of Contents

Tab 1

Affidavit of Steacy and Goldberg & Conference Call Transcripts

  • Transcripts of the CHRC admitting they have tried to shut down 200-300 websites (where NO tribunal order was issued)

Tab 2

CHRC Letters to Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

  • Mostly ISPs in the United States and some of the complaint letters are about Americans posting on American websites (!)

Tab 3

CHRC Conference “A Serious Threat”

  • Letters from the CHRC to police agencies

Tab 4

Harvey Goldberg: Letters and E-Mails (Unable to post due to restrictions)

Tab 5

Speech notes from CHRC Employees

  • Speeches from various CHRC employees on Section 13

Tab 6

CBC TV: Hate propaganda and the Internet

  • Behind the scenes at the CHRC on how they try to control the news

Tab 7

Documents: Policy and Planning Branch

  • Internal CHRC documents on Section 13

Tab 8

Meetings with FreeNets (ISPs)

  • Letters and policy statements surrounding National Capital FreeNet. One of the first ISPs the CHRC tried to strong-arm to boot off politically incorrect subscribers (with out ever a tribunal ruling...)

Tab 9

“Hate Messages Committee” and Compliance Manual

  • The CHRC manual that sets out how they used to investigate Section 13 cases. It was very detailed. Now with the Internet, they have no policies, no direction, etc.

Tab 10

Hate Crimes Task force

  • Documents showing the CHRC and the Canadian Police College. More evidence the CHRC believes itself to be some sort of police agency

Tab 11

“Combating Hate on the Internet”

  • PowerPoint slides (decks) and other information surrounding a conference the CHRC put on in 2005

Tab 12

CHRC and Jewish Lobby groups

  • Letters and information surrounding the interaction between the CHRC and organized Jewish groups. (CJC, B'nai Brith, etc)
  • Notice the CHRC says on page 4 that the B'nai Brith "Audit of Anti-Semetic incidents" has "questionable validity"

Tab 13

Goldberg on Holocaust Revisionism

  • CHRC policy Analyst - Harvey Goldberg wants to have questioning on holocaust denial illegal

Tab 14

E-mails received by Harvey Goldberg 1994-1995

Tab 15

Hannya Rizk material

  • Memos and documents from the investigator of the Lemire case
  • Transcripts of Warman's testimony on trying to get the police after Lemire and asking the CHRC to hide parts of his complaints against Lemire, which had the effect that Lemire was unable to properly respond
  • Most of this material was NOT disclosed to Lemire, and only received through a subpoena

Tab 16

Lemire Access request on CHRC cases

  • Shows the CHRC has received 100 complaints under Section 13 so far. The CHRC later admitted they actually don't even know how many complaints they have received!

Tab 17

“Fenrisson” Posts

  • Stormfront Posts surrounding "Fenrisson" The CHRC used a post by Fenrisson to throw out Section 13 complaints against their friends and "key stakeholders" such as Alan Dutton, Richard Warman, etc. [Complaints they threw out are Guille and Kulbashian, amongst others]

Tab 18

“Jadewarr” material

  • Transcripts of the Beaumont hearing, where the Jadewarr posts was discovered. Notice Richard Warman seems to have prior knowledge of who Jadewarr is and asks the document be replaced with one that is photocopied better
  • Postings by JADEWARR (Dean Steacy) to the Stormfront Message Board
  • WHOIS report of the IP address used by JADEWARR (Dean Steacy) Which shows he was using Bell Sympatico

Tab 19

CHRC claimed Privilege Documents

Tab 20

Genesis of Section 13 (Callaghan and DH Christie)

  • Documents from 1975, which shows Section 13 came about to get a man named John Ross Taylor. Since he was not breaking any laws the AG of Ontario wants to add a new law where truth, intent, etc didn't matter

Tab 21

CHRC Strategic Initiatives

  • Questions and answers by the CHRC on "internet hate" [Guess that does not include the hate their own investigators post?]

Tab 22

National Post: Native double standard

  • Shows the community standard of speech, and that the material used against Lemire fits in that category

Tab 23

Qwest closure of the Zundelsite at the behest of CHRC

Tab 24

CHRC Strategic Initiatives - Hate on the Internet

Cast of aliases in above documents:

JADEWARR: After 10 months of litigation before the Federal Court of Canada, it was revealed that the Stormfront Alias Jadewarr is really CHRC senior investigator - Dean Steacy. Steacy also used the Jadewarr alias to infiltrate conservative website - FreeDominion.

FENRISSON: An alias on Stormfront, that the CHRC has used to throw out Section 13 complaints against their friends [The complaints thrown out are: GUILLE and KULBASHIAN. Guille's Section 13 complaint against Recomnetwork]

POGUE MAHONE: The Alias serial plaintiff Richard Warman used to post inflammatory material on Richard Warman pretends to be a woman named “Lucy Aubrack”. Amongst “Lucie Warman” posts to Stormfront is this one: "Theres a reason it's called "White" Nationalism and why the founders of NS excluded sexual deviants that are like a Cancer to our movement..." (Richard Warman as "Lucie") Strange to refer to homosexuals as “deviants” when Warman is a member of Canada’s largest Homosexual group – EGALE. [Also see XTRA Magazine - February 10, 2005 which states: “Ottawa-based human rights lawyer Richard Warman, however, thinks that some of the online postings following the article - specifically those that attempted to link homosexuality with so-called deviant and illegal sexual behaviors - crossed the line into hate speech.”

AXETOGRIND: The alias Richard Warman used to post inflammatory material on the VNN website. Richard Warman pretends to be a woman named “Lucy Aubrack”. Amongst the post this alleged “anti-racist” individual posted was: "I agree. Keep up the good work Commander Schoep! 88 [Heil Hitler]" (Richard Warman as "Lucie").

MARKW14: The alias used by ARA Terrorist Shane Ruttle Martinez. Martinez also posed as a woman named Rachael on Stormfront using stolen pictures of a women. Martinez has been a witness for the CHRC, who paid for him to travel to British Columbia.

ESTATE: The alias used by Sgt. Stephen Camp of the Edmonton Police Hate crimes unit to post racist and inflammatory material on the Stormfront.Org website.

MARY DUFFORD: Another “female” alias used by serial plaintiff Richard Warman


Biased and Unfair TRUTH is NO Defence 100% Convictions Lifetime Speech bans


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