Tuesday, March 25, 2008


            "Mr. Steacy's assistant is not here today," said Margot Blight, referring to the Oriental woman who had led him in and assisted him at the last hearing..


            Before the examination could continue, Margot Blight, the Commission's lawyer, complained that the defence was seeking to introduce new evidence on the Anne Cools issue. Mr. lemire has charged that Richard Warman posted a scurrilous attack on the Black Canadian senator under one of his numerous assumed identities.


"Do Commission employees sign up accounts on Stromfront under pseudonyms such as 'jadewarr.,?' asked Miss Kulaszka.


"Yes," Steacy admitted. "It a short form for 'Jade Warrior' from a novel I         read as a teenager."


"Why did you do this?" she asked.


"So that I could get on to sites I was investigating."

"My understanding is that you can't get everything unless you've signed up."


"Did you private message people?" she asked


"I don't recall," he said,


"How many posts did you make," she asked.


"I don't remember," he stated..


"Do you know who Nelly Hachne is?" Miss Kulaszka asked in regard to the owner of the address to which the IP of the "Jadewarr" post was registered.



"I have no idea who that is," Steacy insisted.


"When did you join Stormfront, when did you become a member?


"I don't remember the exact date."


"Would you agree it was February, 2005" she pursued.


"Why did you join?"


"Because I was doing an investigation," he replied.


Miss Kulaszka took him to a Stormfront thread begun my Mr. Lemire about a complaint initiated before the Commission about officer Stephen Camp of the Edmonton Police Service. Lemire also pointed out that the CHRC had refused to accept a complaint about racist jokes posted by some RCMP officers about Indians. Lemire pointed out that the CHRC's preferred targets were "white working class" dissidents


"My complaint about police postings was returned by investigator Dean Steacy because it was two-sided, even though it was FAXed," Mr. Lemire had posted."


Mr. Steacy admitted he had been an investigator of Mr. Lemire's complaint about the RCMP and Peel Regional Police.


"You replied as the 'anti-hate advisor' of the CHRC to Mr. Lemire that the criteria had not been met."


Then, Miss Kulaszka asked why Mr. Steacy would ask on Stormfront as "Jadewarr" why he would. ask Mr. Lemire why he was complaining against the RCMP. "Why not just ask him yourself?" she continued.


That past was in September, but you'd rejected his complaint in May, she countered.


            "You were one of the investigators who recommended that complaints by [rightists]

 Alexan Kulbashian and Andrew Guille be rejected."


            "Yes,," Steacy admitted.


            "You were trying to find out whether Mr. Lemire's complaint was being made to be vexatious." Miss Kulaszka asked.


            "I guess so," he admitted.


"Why would you post this as you'd already told him the complaint did not fall within the Act?" Miss Kulaszka continued


Miss Kulaszka asked whether, had Mr. Lemire answered Mr.Steacy's post, and denounced favouritism from Rcihard Warman, that this might be "retaliation" under the Act.


Steacy refused to answer a hypothetical complaint.


Mr. Steacy claimed not to know how much money Mr. Warman had made from his complaints and complaints of retaliation.


"Who helped you set up this account ass 'jadewarr'?" Miss Kulaszka asked.


"My assistant," he explained..


Steacy admitted telling other investigators including Sandy Kozak of his Internet spying,


He also admitted to signing up as "jadewarr" on the Freedomsite and as Oldenrevenge (Odinsrevenge@gmail.com0 on Stormfront

Although he was not the investigator of the Freedomsite complaint, he signed up with an account on the Freedomsite. Steacy had been an investigator of the case for just a couple of months.


"Why would you sign up whn you could view the site as just a guest?" Miss Kulaszka asked.


"Did you post on the freedomsite?" she asked.


Mr. Steacy could not recall, nor could he recall whether he had told Richard Warman about his spying.


He admitted to signing up on BCWhitepride, freedominion, Recomnetwork and VNN..He had signed up as "jadewarr" on all and to having posted on BCWhitepride.


"I had interaction with two individuals who seemed to be behind BCWhitepride tying to find out their mailing address."


Dean Steacy indicated thathis manager John Chamberlain at the Commission knew of his spying. He stated that he had come up with the idea of such spying.


While he stated that he had never discussed his spyhing with Richard Warman, Mr. Warman was aware that "jadewarr" was him.


Apparently, other investigators knew of the "jadewarr" membership and e-mail address. Everyone who knew of the account, knew what the password was – my assistant, Sandy    Kozak and John Chamberlain."..


The reports of what we're doing is contained in the investigation files.


Miss Kulaszka asked whether Mr. Warman knew the password. In a cagey answer, Mr. Steacy said he didn't know but coujldn't be certain that he might have.