Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A quick Google search revealed that *** Laurier Avenue, West is a pricey Ottawa condo in the $600,000 range with monthly condo fees of $660.

After a short break Paul Fromm, representing the Canadian Association for Free Expression, an interested party or intervenor supporting Mr. Lemire in this case rose and noted: "For the 20th straight day the complainant Mr. Warman is not in attendance."

"What investigation would you do to identify the identity of a responedent in Sec. 13 cases?" asked Miss Kulaszka.

"WHOIS and virtual identity search," Miss Rizk replied.

"Were these the two research methods Mr. Warman taught you?" Miss Kulaszka asked.

"Yes," Miss Rizk replied.

"Was he the only one who taught you?"

"Yes, he and a colleague Nancy Lalonde," Rizk responded.

Miss Rizk indicated that she had received this training in the fall of 2003, incidentally when her then colleague Mr. Warman filed his complaint against respondent/victim Mr. Lemire.

Miss Rizk indicated that this were "her first full Sec. 13 investigation."

"Do you remember how you checked about the 'Immigrant Poem'?" She sadi she'd gone on Stormfront.org and did not find it.

The fur began to fly when Mr. Christie, rose on behalf of the Canadian Free Speech League, to ask whether Mr. Warman ever told her that he and others sometimes post on sites like Stormfront.

Miss Margot Blight on behalf of the Commission repeatedly objected that the questions could only be those asked the last time and objected to under Sec. 37.

"This is a relevant question as to investigative techniques which we were not allowed to ask last time," Mr. Christie insisted.

"We have evidence that the complainant Mr. Warman coached Miss Rizk, the investigator in this case," Mr. Christie argued. "We know the Mr. Warman, police and others posted on sites like Stormfront."

She said Mr. Warman had not told her that he had posted on Stormfront.org She also indicated that she had not sought to indentify any of the people posting on Stromfront..