Thursday, March 27, 2008

*** "Human Rights" Operatives Hack Unsecured Wireless Access point to Post Hate Messages!

CHRC Operatives Hack Unsecured Wireless Access point to Post Hate Messages!

Innocent woman targeted due to CHRC dirty tricks

March 25, 2008 has been the single worst day the Canadian Human Rights Commission has ever suffered in it's 25 year history of thought control. The hearing is over the Constitutional Challenge filed by Marc Lemire of the notorious Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

After 10 months of litigation due to absurd claims of "national security" by a panic stricken CHRC, and a blizzard of legal motions, Marc Lemire won the right for a subpoena of the records of Bell Canada to reveal the subscriber information of "Jadewarr" an account used on the White Nationalist website that attempted to entrap Marc Lemire. A few months ago it was revealed that the "Jadewarr" account was used by numerous CHRC employees, but primarily by a Senior Investigator named Dean Steacy.

The last activity of "Jadewarr" on Stormfront was: Dec 8, 2006 at 3:29pm.

The IP address used by "Jadewarr" was:

Alain Monfette, director of the law enforcement support team for Bell Canada, was the first witness called by Marc Lemire pursuant to a subpoena. With him was the answer to a mystery and the opening of a new one.

The Bell Canada subscriber using IP address on Dec 8, 2006 (connected for the entire day) was: Nelly Hechme. Of Laurier Avenue in Ottawa.

During later testimony by Dean Steacy, he testified to having no knowledge of who Nelly Hechme was or how that person got access to the "Jadewarr" account on Stormfront. Just what on earth was going on. The IP address and everything matched. What is going on here?

Until, the National Post's Joe Brean called Nelly Hechme and asked what she knew about this. The poor Nelly was shocked. I am sure it's a pretty odd day when the National Post calls and asks if your a government agent posting racist messages on the Stormfront website, especially when you have no idea what Stormfront even is.

She told the National Post on March 25, 2008:

"Reached by phone last night, Ms. Hechme, 26, told the National Post she has no connection to the tribunal, has never known any of the investigators, and has never accessed a Web site as Jadewarr. She said that in the relevant period in 2006 she did have a Bell Sympatico account with a wireless connection that was not password controlled, meaning anyone within range of her apartment could have accessed the internet with it."


Computer Expert Marc Lemire explains:

A: 344 Slater Street = CHRC Headquarters

B: 570 Laurier Avenue = Innocent Victim of CHRC dirty tricks

Nelly Hechme lives at 570 Laurier Ave West in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is at 344 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario. About 1 block away, across an open field.

570 Laurier is the street that runs behind the offices of the CHRC.

A quick mapquest shows that from the CHRC offices to Nelly Hechme's house is about a block or more. An EASY distance for a wireless signal to travel. Especially over an open field.

Panoramic View of the Scene of the Crime

[Large version: CHRC Office | Open Field | Victims Apartment]

This is shocking: this means that not only were CHRC employees sneaking around on almost every message board in Canada and posting offensive messages to entrap those they go after, BUT they hacked into an unsuspecting innocent person's unsecured wireless access point who lived down the street. The the CHRC infiltrators surfed messages boards to post racist messages on websites such as Stormfront.Org.

What a scandal. This is a complete travesty.

I attempted to call Nelly Hechme to let her know what happened and how the CHRC has dragged her into this, but her phone number "no longer accepts incoming calls"

Talk about ENTRAPMENT. The CHRC uses fake names (Such as Jadewarr and OdensRevenge), through stolen internet access from an unsuspecting innocent person to entrap those they deem racists.

People should be criminally charged for this!

344 Slater Street, Ottawa. Canadian "Human Rights" Commission headquarters

Picture of the innocent victims condo, in Ottawa


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