Monday, March 24, 2008

Marc Lemire: Not a Nazi or White Supremacist: After a 6 year investigation the CHRC could not find SINGLE word I have written which violates Section 13.


Marc Lemire:  Not a Nazi or White Supremacist

After a 6 year investigation the CHRC could not find SINGLE

word I have written which violates Section 13.

Over the past few months my reputation has been under constant assault by those seeking to uphold Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act and censorship.  Their game is to try to destroy me and my reputation in hopes I’ll just fade away and their precious censorship law can be used to muzzle others like Macleans Magazine, Catholic Insight and the Christian Heritage Party (just to name a few…).

 The more I expose the CHRC and their dirty tricks, the more defamatory comments are directed towards me.  Most of the time by un-named organized internet smear artists, at others times by political spin ‘sellas (who post fake pictures of me), and now sadly by Canada’s National Post newspaper.  The article written by Joe Brean, who called me last Thursday and sounded like a retard with a bag of marbles in his mouth, stuttering so much I could hardly even understand his questions, wrote that I am “one of Canada's most prominent white supremacist propagandists” and a “prominent distributor of white supremacist propaganda.”  These are both outright lies.  And true to the National Posts style, no fact checker ever called and I was never given any opportunity to respond to allegations.

It’s understandable why the mainstream media wants to do it.  They want a good guy / bad guy dichotomy. To describe me as what I am – a guy who served his country as a Canadian Forces medic, and now certified computer expert who ran a website critical of  immigration and the CHRC, wouldn’t sell that many papers.  Instead the media wants to build me into some I am not and never have been. To them I guess it’s all about the almighty dollar. Trashing the reputation of little people who do not have armies of lawyers at the ready.  They act just  like the CHRC, attacking those that don’t have the ability to fight back, with the exception the National Post hasn’t planted evidence on my website to later drag me through a 5 year legal battle.

Well as the Canadian Human Rights Commission has learned, I am not one to simply roll over and be stream rolled by their goddamn bulldozer of repression.  I will fight back and I will WIN.  One at a time I have brought out the most amazing and startling evidence.  From the complainant in my case – Richard Warman and shocking internet postings to CHRC operatives trying to set me up while my case was before the Tribunal.  While others in the media and Blogosphere want to take my professional research and run with it as though it was theirs without ever giving me any credit.

Barbara Kulaszka and myself are the one's who spent countless hours reviewing every single Section 13 case and thousands of lines of website log code to expose these bastards, yet no one would know, as bloggers now take my research and spread it around as tho it was theirs.

Just read Mark Steyn in Macleans this week.  He talks all about my case, yet never once mentions it is all *MY* research that is bringing the CHRC down, or even that it's my case to be heard on March 25th.

It’s a sick game they are playing. Back in 2003 I was targeted because I had the only websites in all of Canada to document and expose Richard Warman AND the Canadian Human Rights Commission.  Unlike many who smell I might just win and jumped on the bandwagon, I was against the CHRC, long before I ever became a victim of their dirty tricks.

 It's a strange situation this whole case.  From the beginning I tried numerous times to mediate the case.  I hired my lawyer - Barbara Kulaszka - with the idea that she would only have to write a couple of letters for me to mediate the dispute.  5 years later I feel somewhat stupid for ever being so blind as to believe it would have just went away. Before I received this complaint, I shut the message board down and was about the shut down the website too.  I never believed so many went undercover to set me up in order to shut me down.  I was incorrect to believe that taking my message board down and all the complained of posts would  be the end of it.  Silly me, I thought the legislation was only remedial in nature, as the act itself says.  After 5 years of litigation, I am starting to think that the CHRC wished they took the deal I was offering.  (which was for me to promise not to bring back the message board, and they leave me alone)


Is Marc Lemire a “white supremacist” / “Neo-Nazi”?

  Of course the answer is no,  but the best response I can ever give is that after being under the microscope of the CHRC (and even the police thanks to Richard Warman) for at least 6 years, they have YET TO FIND A SINGLE WORD I HAVE WRITTEN THAT IS “HATE”.  All they can claim is me posting articles from newspapers, House of Commons Hansard and even the human rights act itself as “Prima Facie” evidence that I somehow promote hate

  Since I wasn’t a hater and never said anything which could even violate the insane Section 13, the only way to get me was to target my website and especially the message board, which allowed visitors the ability to post their own comments. And that was the attack vector used to ensnare me.  Close to 90% of the case against me, involves posting by unknown parties and/or someone named “Craig Harrison” whom I have never met and never even spoken a single word to.

  In contrast, look at the complainant, Richard Warman.  He has made many offensive posts, using pseudonyms such as Lucie, Pogue M ahone and AxetoGrind on the internet.  He has even signed his posts with Heil Hitler, then has the nerve to call me some sort of Nazi in material filed with the Tribunal.

  It really like being in an episode of the Twilight Zone.  I’m called a nazi when I have never posted a single thing that is supportive of Nazi’s, and the complainant, Richard Warman, who has signed his internet post with Heil Hitler, yet he is the “anti-racism activist”

  Unlike Richard Warman, I do not cruise internet sites pretending to be a woman and using pseudonyms like “Pogue Mahone,”  “Lucie,” “Axetogrind,” and “ Mary Dufford”.  and unlike CHRC investigators who call themselves “Jadewarr” or Edmonton Police Hate Crimes unit officers who call themselves “Estate” who posted the most vilest of racist material online. I use my real name, my own image and my own address.  That alone really speaks volumes about those “anti-racists” and the lengths they are willing to go to get their enemies.

 If I was really some fireband neo-Nazi and White Supremacist, the Canadian Human Rights Commission wouldn't have had to try to set me up

We have come to the point in Canada , where those proclaiming to be against “racism” are the ones who are the biggest promoters of it.  They continually point the finger at everyone else, as tho it will give them a free pass to promote their hate. And people like Joe Brean and the National Post just freely play along with this rouse.  (I pointed out to Brean all this material, yet he chose to not use it… wonder why?)

If I’m a neo-nazi for never once praising Adolf Hitler, what does that make Richard Warman, the serial plaintiff in almost every single Section 13 complaint since 2003, who has signed an internet post with Heil Hitler?

 Am I the white supremacist, when I have never called Native Canadians “red skinned” “animals”, like Sgt. Stephen Camp of the Edmonton Police did? (Using the alias ESTATE)

Am I the anti-semite, when I have never called the Edmonton Journal a “kike publication”, like Sgt. Stephen Camp of the Edmonton Police did? (Using the alias ESTATE)

Am I the homophobic person, when I have never said the Nazis “excluded sexual deviants that are like a Cancer to our movement...", like Richard Warman did on Stormfront? (Using the alias POGUE MAHONE)

Am I the one against M ulticulturalism, when I have never said “Our corrupt government is nothing but a puppet to this so called multicultural agenda”, like Sgt. Stephen Camp of the Edmonton Police did? (Using the alias ESTATE)

Am I am the anti-semite, when I have never pointed internet surfers where to go to download a copy of Adolf Hitlers “ M ein Kampf” and nazi songs by “DJ Adolf” from, like Richard Warman did on Stormfront?  (Using the alias POGUE MAHONE

Am I the anti-Indian when I have never said that Native Canadians were “retarded little chug(s)” , like Sgt. Stephen Camp of the Edmonton Police did? (Using the alias ESTATE)

Am I the Neo-Nazi when I have never praised hardcore US Nazi leader “Commander Schoep” of the National Socialist M ovement, like Richard Warman did? (Using the alias AxetoGrind)

Am I the black-hating one when I have never said that Blacks were “nogs” who “predominantly kuill each other”, like Sgt. Stephen Camp of the Edmonton Police did? (Using the alias ESTATE)

Am I the anti-Semite, when I have never said “brothers that are being screwed by zog hate cops” (ZOG = Zionist Occupied Government) like Sgt. Stephen Camp of the Edmonton Police did? (Using the alias ESTATE)


George Orwell has it right.  “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.


Written by Marc Lemire.  

(Not “lucie”, “Pogue Mahone,” “ Markw14,” “Estate” “Jadewarr,” “Axetogrind,” “ Mary Dufford,” “Dave M cLean,” “90sAREover,” “Robert Simpson,” etc)


Marc Lemire served his country as a Canadian Forces Medic and now is a Toronto area computer expert who runs the Freedomsite ( and was charged by the CHRC in 2003 for alleged violations of Section 13 by mostly unknown parties on an internet message board he ran in 2003. As part of his defence, Mr. Lemire is undertaking the most serious constitutional challenge the Canadian Human Rights Act have ever undergone. To date there has been 25 hearing days, and Mr. Lemire has called world-renown expert witnesses to challenge every aspect of Internet censorship by the CHRC.