Sunday, June 8, 2008

Canadians embrace emerging cottage industry

“Human Rights” for Fun and Profit….


Home crafters of all kinds -- why toil long hours to produce overpriced goods with limited appeal? 

Join the growing number of entrepreneurial Canadians making big money at home from the nation's leading cottage industry! 


With our patented One-Two-Oh-Poor-You formula, you lay the groundwork once, copy the template we provide as often as trips to the bank allow, and just watch those TAX FREE dollars roll in!   


We are so confident of your success with One-Two- that we go further than any other home-earner plan, outlining the easy basics right here -- no SASEs, no up front fees, no complicated course work, no expensive materials!  You read (or have it read to you) and you decide.


-- What is the one saleable commodity absolutely everyone has?  (No, not kidneys, but we like the way you think)  


If you said "hurt feelings," One-Two- may be for you.  You merely wipe off your fingers and start surfing the net for "objectionable material."  (Not porn or violence.  Censorship of porn is so 20th Century.  Canada's concern is that words could lead to violence.  Ironically, real violent offenders generally serve short sentences in the comfort of their own homes, but the government likes to have an excuse when it's muzzling its citizens)  Briefly, you unearth some approved objectionable material and lodge a complaint with one of Canada's dozens of human rights agencies.  For just $19.95 our Bonanza Handbook TM walks you through the process.  Your complaint need not affect you at all (remember, your superior insights help the less evolved)  After lobbing a complaint you move on and just wait for the fees to materialize.  Perhaps best of all, you need not be inconvenienced by actually attending the examinations you have set in motion -- it costs you nothing -- the state does the work for you.  Specify our revised Handbook if you are interested in travel and/or testimony fees.   


Wow, how can I lose? 

That's the beauty of our system - You can't!  Under Section 13 (explained in the Bonanza Handbook) no complainant has ever lost! 



Anonymous Government Agent, Ottawa says,

"I can't believe what a difference this supplemental income has made to a level

VI, Grade 2 civil service remuneration scale, but the real satisfaction comes in

knowing that I am slowly imposing my own personal morals across the board. 

I especially love that I can dip from the well as often as I like!