Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crazy CHRC Spends $75,000 in SECURITY on Paranoid concerns

Stealing people’s right to free speech, gagging them for life and heaping huge fines on impoverished dissidents is tough work. Your life is constantly in danger. Maybe, it’s less the danger than the guilty conscience from knowing that you are a hopped up bully beating up on people often too poor to afford a lawyer, in Tribunals where the “fix” is in, where the Member (no sexual pun intended) or Judge is chosen because he is biased in your favour for “group” rights against the individual rights to freedom of speech of the respondent/victim.

Since August, 2006, the CHRC has been obsessed with “security.” Their very lives are in danger, so they’d have us and the long suffering (and paying) Canadian taxpayers believe. The Commission lawyers and their star witness Richard Warman troop into hearings surrounded by as many as five bodyguards. They’re even accompanied into the washroom by their “security.” No, I won’t speculate what these bodyguards might wipe, or do or hold in the process of keeping their endangered species charges safe in the washroom.

The CHRC is totally nuts and obsessed about “security”. As part of their fantasy, they now employ multiple no-necked security personnel to follow them around all the time.

This done to partly to pretend they are important (as they get more security stromtroppers than even the Prime Minister of Canada!), and partly to pretend as tho they are somehow at risk from an imaginary underground neo-nazi army, on par with Al Qaeda.

In just 4 months, the CHRC ripped off the Tax-Payers of Canada for over $75,000 in “security” fees!


Vendor Name:

Policing & Security Management Services

Reference Number:


Contract Date:


Description of Work:

0499 Other professional services not elsewhere specified

Contract Period:

2007-09-01 To 2007-12-31

Delivery Date:

Contract Value:




See the security firms website: http://www.policingsecurity.ca

The CHRC in the past has even tried to claim a “security threat” to keep the Media and the General Public out of the March 25, 2008, Marc Lemire hearings [Levants comments], where it was revealed that the CHRC had multiple infiltration accounts on message boards, and that they hijacked the internet connection of Nelly Hechme to hide their tracks while posting on message boards

The CHRC uses the veiled threat of “Security Threat” as a way to cover-up their misdeeds and dirty tricks.

Even the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has openly questioned the ludicrous claims of “security” by the Commission:

[9] The outcome of the s. 37 matter gives me pause to question the soundness of the Commission's invocation of public security concerns with respect to the testimony of these witnesses.



Some wasteful other spending:


Stop Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act