Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BLAZING CATFUR: Dismissed CHRC complaint against Father De Valk to be appealed, also Catholic Insight on Heritage Canada Watch List for "Questionable Content"

Dismissed CHRC complaint against Father De Valk to be appealed, also Catholic Insight on Heritage Canada Watch List for "Questionable Content"

The dismissed CHRC complaint against Catholic Insight is being appealed by Rob Wells. A request for Judical review of the dismissal was filed 2008-07-31, more information may be found here.

Of further note is the continuing campaign of harassment against Catholic Insight by the branch of Heritage Canada responsible for funding Magazine Publications which has quietly placed Catholic Insight on a "Watch List" for "questionable content". Heritage Canada is the government ministry which also oversees the Canadian Human Rights Commission.  [LEMIRE:   I am not sure this is correct,  I believe it is the Dept of Justice.   See the Human Rights Act:  61.1 The Minister of Justice is responsible for this Act, and the powers of the Governor in Council to make regulations under this Act, with the exception of section 29, are exercisable on the recommendation of that Minister.]

Sources close to Father De Valk have confirmed that this report - dated 21/03/2007 "Report to Director, Periodical publishing Policy and Programs - Questionable Content Complaint: Catholic Insight" prepared by Sara Mayes, has resulted in Catholic Insight being required to submit a copy of each issue for screening.

The same sources also confirm the Magazine Publications complaint was initiated by a Toronto based "Homosexual Activist".

In my opinion the implied threat is that funding for the magazine by Heritage Canada will cease should it object to content in the magazine which may well include articles discussing Catholic doctrine on same sex marriage & homosexuality. Blazingcatfur is awaiting a copy of the "Watch List " letter sent to Catholic Insight.

Efforts to have the Sara Mayes report released under Freedom of Information requests have so far met with failure.

Father De Valk and Catholic Insight have already been bled to the tune of $20 Thousand Dollars in legal fees as a result of the recently dismissed Canadian Human Rights Commission complaint, the appeal will I suspect likely cost them more, a successful appeal still more.

Catholic Insight has received a total of $12,261 from Heritage Canada, according to the most recent available report covering 2006 -2007.

Truth be told I am uncomfortable with the fact that Catholic Insight takes Heritage Canada money, in my opinion no private publication should receive government funding. I wonder however if Heritage Canada would put Macleans on a similar content watch list given that magazines recent run ins with Canada's Human Rights Commissions and the fact that Macleans has received over 3 Million dollars under the same program during the same period?

Is Catholic Insight's placement on the watch list simply a case of selective targetting by our cultural marxists, a case of bullying the smaller, weaker opponent?

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