Wednesday, September 10, 2008

FREE DOMINION: Don't Vote for Censors. Ask those running in your riding their stance on the CHRC's censorship


When politicians come to your door, ask them what their stance is on the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Freedom of Speech.   Please vote for those that support the Repeal of Section 13!


Now is the time to make your vote count.


Write to your local politicians and ask them for their position on the censorship at the Canadian Human Rights Commission and vote for the one that supports freedom!  Send me their responses, and I will post them online.










Canada's Elected Free Speech Honour Roll
Vote only for Members of Parliament who support free speech!

As of today there are 305 parliamentarians with seats in the House of Commons. Each of these members of parliament holds hostage the freedom of approximately 100,000 Canadians in his hands. These are the only people in the country who can put a stop to the Government of Canada's thought crimes persecution of Canadian citizens.

At the time of this writing, only three have stepped forward. These three are worthy of re-election, regardless of their party affiliations, because they have chosen freedom over tyranny, principle over power, and courage over cowardice.

This list will be updated as events unfold.

1. Liberal - Keith Martin

2. Liberal - Dan McTeague

3. CPC - James Rajotte

4. CPC - Lee Richardson

5. Liberal - Andrew Telegdi

6. CPC - Kevin Sorenson

7. CPC - Bruce Stanton

8. CPC - Nina Grewal

9. Liberal - Paul Szabo

10. CPC - Jason Kenney

11. CPC - John Cummins




Liberal MP Keith Martin [Introduced bill to repeal Sec. 13 in the house. Bill M--446]


Liberal MP Dan McTeague [Video]

Conservative MP James Rajotte

Conservative MP Bruce Stanton

Conservative MP Lee Richardson

Conservative MP Russ Hiebert 

Conservative MP Kevin Sorenson

Conservative MP Nina Grewal

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre

Conservative MP Rick Dykstra

Conservative MP John Williams

Conservative MP Rick Casson

Conservative MP John Baird

Conservative MP Helena Guergis