Sunday, October 26, 2008

(Video) Alan BORINGvoy and CHRC's Philippe Dufresne debate at the CCF conference

Sadly the CCF, chose not to get a speaker who actually knew something about the CHRC and what they have been up to. Instead they dug up and wheeled in the ancient Alan BORINGvoy to address the audience. Some spectators commented that his speech resembled a bad rerun of Frankenstein, while BORINGvoy constantly raises his arms in a scary Frankenstein pose.

PS: Borovoy has claimed for a long time that he never had any idea that the CHRC would censor speech. If that statement was true, he had to have been either blind or an idiot. Section 13 (Internet censorship provision) was included in the very first draft…. I guess now that so many have come out against Section 13, now it’s “I never had a clue it would be used to censor speech” …. Sure … sure.

And where is Borovoy now to aid in removed Section 13? NO WHERE. He prefers to honk his own horn and talk about how bad Section 13 is. YET, the CCLA just sits back collecting money from gullible dupes who think their $20 a month actually goes to support free speech. BORINGvoy has not done a thing to support the Constitutional Challenge against Section 13. Bloody hypocrites….

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Individual Freedom and the Common Good

I attended the second annual conference of the Canadian Constitution Foundation. It was called Individual Freedom and the Common Good :Defining Human Rights in a Free Society. It took place in Toronto. It was a wonderful three days discussing freedom.

The three keynote speakers were excellent. David Frum gave an analysis of the Canadian Constitution. Eugene Meyer of the Federalist society, talked about that great organization has changed the debate in American legal circles. Professor Randy Burnett talked about how the US and Canadian Supremes confer rights.
Elizabeth Brubaker defended property rights in defense if the environment. One of her statist opponents Albert Koehl of EcoJustice told of his organization's ( and others) lawsuit against HM Government vis a vis the Kyoto bill passed by the opposition. It was recently dismissed.
During the aborignal rights panel, I asked if the reserves could be split up and the land be given title to the individual members. I don't think the panel understood.
THe two of the other very interesting panels were the debate on the hrcs and judicial activism.
I even got to tell a lawyer for the Federal hrc that section 13a should be abolished and Alan Borovy said that as well!

The judicial activism panel was very interesting. The nature of that activism and whether there is activism was explored. Indeed one of the panelists, said the left felt there was right wing judicial activism in the past.
The papers and vidoes will be posted in the weeks to come and I will post them.

It was also a chance to see old friends like Gerry Nicholls and make new ones like Mark and Connie Fournier of Free Dominion.

Here are a few clips to give you a taste of some of the conference
Here is a clip of Alan Borovoy.

VIDEO: Alan BORINGvoy on the CHRC

VIDEO: Here is some of the reply from Philippe Dufresne of the federal Human Rights commission.