Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are Whites not an Identifiable Group? Ahenakew Crown Prosecutor Sandeep Bains seems to think so (The Anti-White Double Standard)

Are Whites not an Identifiable Group? Ahenakew Crown Prosecutor Sandeep Bains seems to think so (The Anti-White Double Standard)

In today’s politically correct world based on identity politics, it seems that White Canadians are considered second class citizens and not worthy of state protections of even being classed as an identifiable group. In particular, I point to the recent acquittal of David Ahenakew in Saskatoon on the charge of promotion of hate. [See full court decision here]

In that case, Ahenakew unleashed a torrent of anti-White hate, and also made statements about Jewish people. While his comments about White Canadians were quite offensive and outrageous, the Senior Crown Prosecutor in Saskatoon, a Mr. Sandeep Bains, chose to only lay a criminal charge of promotion of “hate” against “people of the Jewish faith”.

Why is that Mr. Sandeep Bains?

Are White Canadians not an identifiable group under Canadian law? Or is it this part of the new nexus of political correctness and anti-White bigotry converging (alas, the Anti-White double standard)

Here is just part of Mr. Ahenakew hateful diatribe against Whitey.

This person called a white person will never stand, stand up for you, for anything. When he first got here, he started to break our people. He started to take everything, he would grab it from us, and then he started to lie and steal from us. That’s why I call them liars and thieves. That’s what we have as neighbours in this country.

According to Mr. Ahenakew, Whites – as a race – are just a bunch of liars and thieves. Ahenakew later in his speech goes on to say that Whites and immigrants are dirty, etc. The deep seeded hatred Mr. Ahenakew has for Whitey goes back a long time.

This sort of logic displayed by Senior Crown Prosecutor Mr. Sandeep Bains, also permeates the halls of the misnamed Canadian “Human Rights” Commission (CHRC), who only ever see “haters” as those with White skin. As usual for fanatics, the CHRC has taken it to another level, and institutionalized it’s hatred of White Canadians. In the 30+ year history of Section 13 of the Human Rights Act (the notorious “hate” section) they have dismissed EVERY SINGLE complaint ever received against a person who is not White, and showing their deep seeded racism and hatred, only accepted complaints, where the alleged perpetrator was White. [See the documented proof here] Yes folks, that’s correct, in over THIRTY YEARS, the CHRC has only ever accepted complaints against Whites.

It’s all quite ironic, as it’s the CHRC that browbeats and harasses employers to meet “employment equity” targets and force employers to not discriminate on any prohibited grounds – while at the same time, they themselves discriminate on the basis of race, for over thirty years now!

As more and more information comes to light, It now is becoming clear in today’s hyper-sensitive politically correct world; those that point the fingers and call others racists and haters, are deep down the biggest racists themselves!. David Ahenakew is an example, and the apparatchiks of the CHRC are another.

At the CHRC for instance, if you are White - your “guilty” of promoting “hate” and fined: $4,500 bucks for saying this:

“That drives me nuts, I take photos for the citizenship, passports, pr (permanent residence), visa cards etc. and as I have been told from human resourses that the ears MUST be visable, which means, if your hair covers your ears, it has to be tucked back. I don’t care if it’s a religious thing or not, if you don’t want to follow our rules, even if it is taking off your scarf thing for one lousy picture, then stay out of my effing country!”

Beaumont Decision

If you’re a Montreal Muslim Imam – your NOT-guilty of promoting “hate” for saying this:

“Homosexuals and lesbians should be ‘exterminated in this life’”

"men are superior to women and better than them". In general, "men have a more complete intellect and memory than women"

Jews "spread corruption and chaos on earth" and that most Jews "seek only material goods and money, apart from that, they have nothing"

Freedomsite: CHRC: it's OK to say gays should be "beheaded", Jews "spread corruption", Hindus must "be killed"

According to the fanatics at the CHRC, Beaumont is a hater and deserved a fine of $4,500, YET the Montreal Imam’s words don’t “meet the test of hate”. [Letter from CHRC dismissing complaint by Marc Lebuis] Why is that? Because one is a young white woman, and the other is a brown-skinned Muslim?

(Oh, BTW, the CHRC actually wanted a $7,500 fine to be assessed against Beaumont! The Tribunal reduced it to $4,500, because Beaumont was only 21 years old at the time and she produced, as evidence, pay-stubs showing she only earned $10.50 /hour at her job in a retail store. Shamefully, Beaumont was only given 120 days to pay the hefty fine [See full story])

The racism and hate coming from Ahenakew is offensive, inappropriate, racist and hateful, BUT it should never be the subject of a criminal prosecution paid for the taxpayers of Canada. I do not believe that Canada should have *ANY* Criminal or Civil prohibitions against speech that might be considered offensive or hateful. Canada needs to model it’s common law on the First Amendment of the United States of America and not have the immense power of the state limiting speech and thought.

On an interesting side note to our favorite rights maniacs at the misnamed: Canadian “Human Rights” Commission. The Saskatchewan Government has posted the decision in the Ahenakew case on it’s website at: This includes multiple references to Jewish people as “running the world” and “a disease” in violation of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, all “Hallmarks of Hate”. And the Human Rights Act refuses to look at “intent”, thus isn’t it reasonable to say that the Saskatchewan government is in fact in violation of the Human Rights Act, and should be fined?

Where are the serial complainants when you need them?

-Marc Lemire

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