Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fahrenheit 451: Whips & Pain In, Historical Books Out, At Canada Customs Censors

Fahrenheit 451

Whips & Pain In, Historical Books Out, At Canada Customs Censors

Just in is the latest quarterly list of books banned by our customs censors -- and, incidentally, books seized are burned when the appeal period is over. Each quarter, Canada Customs provides a list of books, dvds, tapes, records and even booklists and pamphlets seized by the thought police. They, then, provide the determination.

Interestingly, the most recent list shows three political or historical works "banned" and a number of clearly pornographic dvds cleared.

The fact is that the thought control police don't care if you go bug-eyed gazing at sadomasochistic porn. You're no threat to the minority-controlled Canadian political order.

However, political books just might make you think. That's the last thing they want. Just shut up, pay your taxes and mouth the latest politically correct platitude, be a good little sheople.


Books, Serpent's Walk, By Randolph D. Calverhall, Produced By National Vanguard Books, Copyright Year 1991, ISBN: 0-937944-05-X


Books, The Jewish Strategy, By Revilo P. Oliver, Published By Historical Review Press, Copyright Year 2007, ISBN: 978-0-906879-59-7


Books, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Published By Historical Review Press, ISBN: 978-0-9068

Allowed are: (pornographic titles, under “Obscenity”)

DVD: Jenna Loves Pain 2,

DVD: Silky Whip, No. 5, August 1998, By Oh! Great

DVD: The New Bondage Fairies, No. 3, January 1997, By Kondom, Published By Gary Groth & Kim Thompson

DVD: The Original Bondage Fairies, No. 3, January 1999

DVD: Bareback Twink Street #2, Produced By Studio Twinkz

The banning of this edition of The Protocols is particularly pathetic. It is a historical document. It was distributed by Henry Ford for years in the 1920s as a free gift with every car he sold. It purports to be the minutes of a secret gathering of Zionist leaders in the 19th Century. Its critics call it a "forgery", an interesting term as it suggests that there must have been an original. If it's a forgery, then it's fiction -- a story -- and why should be ban fiction? Regardless, people should be able to obtain and read it and judge for themselves. Ironically, it is readily available on the Internet for perusal or downloading.

What Happens to “Banned Books”?

Canada Customs incinerates them!

Yes, that’s correct. The Government of Canada, BURNS BOOKS, which it deems to be “obscenity” or “hate propaganda.”

What is Fahrenheit 451?

The temperature at which books burn….

The NAZIs Burned Books

The Canadian Government BURNS books