Friday, March 13, 2009

BREAKING: Tribunals Slams Warman in Ouwendyk case



Canadian Human Rights Tribunal slams Richard Warman and says that Mr. Warman’s posting on Stormfront and VNN are “..both disappointing and disturbing


Further Mr. Warman’s postings “…could have precipitated further hate messages in response.”






The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has issued a very interesting ruling in the case of Warman vs. Northern Alliance and Jason Ouwendyk


The ruling can be found on the Tribunal’s website at:



To briefly sum up:    The Tribunal found Ouwebdyk had violated section 13, and is going to issue a lifetime speech ban – known as a Cease and Decist order.   But that order is stayed until the final outcome of the Lemire case.


Richard Warman had requested a $7,500 fine against the Northern Alliance, and that’s where the ruling gets very interesting:



Here is the ruling verbatim,   more analysis will come later:


[58] In regard to the other remedies sought by Mr. Warman, I have decided not to grant any relief under these provisions for the following reasons.


[59] During his cross-examination, Mr. Warman admitted (after initially denying) that he had participated in communicating messages on Internet Websites similar to the Northern Alliance Website utilizing pseudonyms such as "Pogue Mahone" and "Axetogrind".


[60] In one of several such communications that was entered into evidence during his cross-examination that Mr. Warman admitted having made, Mr. Warman using the name as "Pogue Mahone Forum Member" posted the following on the Website on July 18, 2004: (The bolded words are Mr. Warman's. The italicized words are a quote that he has included from a previous post made by a "S88")


Re: Irwin Cotier (Jewish) as Minister of Justice in Canada


Originally Posted by S88

Did you know our minster of justice is jewish?

He has previously expressed a clear interest in the promotion of the interest in the promotion of the interests of Israel and the Jewish people, who represent a very small fraction of our nation's population.

A recent announcement by your Federal government regarding a planned initiative to combat racism in response to recent anti-Semitic crimes is evidence of a misguided agenda. Such a plan will not only be a monumental waste of tax payer's money, but will also lead Canada down the path towards Stalinist-style oppression.

Let's look at the recent anti-Semitic crimes that have been used as an example for implementing this plan:

- spray paint on Jewish houses and cars in Vaughan (backwards swastikas) - no arrests yet

- spray paint in Toronto equating a star of David with a swastika - Iranian immigrant arrested.

- Tomb stones overturned in a Jewish cemetery in Toronto - Jewish teenagers arrested and only charged with mischief

- Fire in a Jewish school in Montreal - note left on scene blaming Jews for the murder of Palestinian Hamas spiritual leader

These incidents hardly seem like the rebirth of Kristallnacht, as Jewish leaders would have us believe. Jews themselves committed some of the vandalism and the rest was committed by Muslims, who are expressing the anger about events in the Middle East.

Spending much needed tax dollars on a scheme to further impose the will of Israel-firsters on Canadians is not what voters want.

With increasing immigration from third-world countries, old-world prejudices will continue to be expressed in Canada. If we really need to stop hate in Canada, then we need to look at ending immigration from third-world countries.

These information was taken from A Letter to Prime Minister of Canada

by Jason Ouwendyk..

Heil Victory


Did you know we had an election and the new cabinet hasn't been named yet? We still have scum in government but we have to wait and see which scum goes where.


[61] In another posting entered into evidence during his cross-examination and the authorship of which was admitted to by Mr. Warman, Mr. Warman as "Axetogrind Junior Member" posted the following on the "VNN (Vanguard News Network) Forum" on January 5, 2005.



Originally Posted by Thexder 3D

Is everything written there true?

I'm surprised those ADL Jews print quotes such as: Schoep, waving a noose, yelled to the crowd that he came to Kansas "to speak the truth for my race, my people, my nation."

Certainly that's something that might spark curiosity in (not yet racist) whites.

I agree. Keep up the good work Commander Schoep! 88


[62] Mr. Warman stated that the communications quoted in the previous two paragraphs did not "cross the line" into hate messaging nor did they provoke hate messages by others. He stated that the inclusion in his postings of possible hate messages from others were inadvertent slips by him in sending messages over the Internet. He further stated that his postings were intended to assist him in his quest for information about persons using the Internet to communicate discriminatory hate messages.


[63] I do not see any acceptable reason for Mr. Warman to have participated on the Stormfront or Vanguard sites, since there appears to be ample easily obtained messages on these sites available without his involvement. Moreover, it is possible that his activity in this regard, could have precipitated further hate messages in response. His explanation for including other hate messages in his postings by mistake seems very weak to me.


[64] Mr. Warman has, with the assistance of the Commission, instituted most of the s. 13 (1) complaints under the Act that have come before the Tribunal. He has been very successful in these cases and has garnered accolades for his work in this regard. The evidence in this case of his participation on Internet sites similar to the Northern Alliance site is both disappointing and disturbing. It diminishes his credibility. For this reason and because the activities of the Respondents have ceased for a lengthy period of time, I will not make any further Orders in this matter.