Sunday, March 15, 2009

Did Richard Warman's internet postings contribute to further hate? A study of some of the responses to Warman's posts

Did Richard Warman’s internet postings contribute to further hate?  A study of some of the responses to Warman's posts


Warman claims “There was no evidence of that having transpired whatsoever”

Responses to Warman’s posts included “kissing jew boots” others refer to a Federal Court judge as “faggoty,” who “executes the orders of the Jews” and a “sack of shit”


In a ruling by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on March 14, 2009, Tribunal member Edward Lustig, suggested that Mr. Warman’s internet postings using pseudonyms as “Axetogrind” and “Pogue Mahone.” – “could have precipitated further hate messages in response.”  (See Para 63 of ruling).  Lustig went on to characterize Warman’s participation on racial websites as “disappointing and disturbing”.

In an interview with Don Butler, published in the Calgary Herald on March 15, 2009, Warman, is quoted as saying that his posts do not precipitate hate and that was “pure supposition. There was no evidence of that having transpired whatsoever.”

So, whose right?   Was it the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal member Edward Lustig, or is it Richard Warman?  Do Richard Warman’s postings on the Internet precipitate further hate messages in response?

“no evidence … whatsoever”?

Here are just a few of Richard Warman’s posts, and the replies.  You decide if Warman’s postings “could have precipitated further hate messages in response.


Posting Number 1

Richard Warman posted:


Date 20051004

Docket T-1309-05

Ottawa, Ontario, October 4th, 2005




[…  Warmans posts the entire ruling]


And the response:

What a faggoty look that Commissar has. Here is the man who

executes the orders of the Jews to deprive Canadians of their

right to free expression. What a loathsome, contemptible swine.

Thomas may be silenced, but we will speak for him. You are a

sack of shit Yves. That's "merde" to yous.


[The “Yves”, referred to above is The Honourable Yves de Montigny, justice of the Federal Court of Canada]


Posting Number 2

Richard Warman posted:

PM Hale hasn't even finished his fight, but already we've seen

many 'leader's' in the Church run for the exit. With friends like


We should all keep our fingers crossed for PM Hale on the 15th.


And the response:

Talk about kissing Jew Boots!

To her credit though, it sounded like she is young and the parents

had a lot to do with her re-canting... she'll be back!


 Posting Number 3

Richard Warman posted:  

I didn't see it, but Symanski is pretty short so it might have been one of the commies' kids who were there...


And the response:

Which one are you, JEW?


 Posting Number 4

Richard Warman posted: 


Hey Disciple and Brighton BNP, what's wrong with Bragg saying we shouldn't believe everything our country tells us to? What's wrong with him saying what he thinks? He may be a socialist, but what are you guys, some kind of fascists? And besides, who doesn't think Holst's the Planets kicks ass?

 ..[next post]..

 And you Spandau Ballet, what's wrong with being a Cosmonaut? At least they blow up with less frequency than some people's astronauts. Stupid Yanks.


And the responses:

1:  Who the fuck are You? And yes, I am a Fascist. Thank You for

your concern.


2:  What's up, Red filth? Don't be insulting people here or you'll get it

ten-fold. Now, go put Billy the queer Red on your CD player and



3: Whats wrong with fascism? I am a white nationalist, and

have much respect for Benito's Fascism, and Adolfs

National Socialism. I have been called a Fascist more

times than I can remember. I wear my beliefs like a

badge of honour.

Biily Bragg should hurry up and fuckin die!



4: Yep, I'll always lend a hand to help a deserving piece of human


Now, where did assgrinder scurry off to?


Posting Number 5

Richard Warman posted:

exactly when will white cops understand that they should stand

by THEIR race?!


And the response:

Selling Cd's, well there's the crime of the century! You have

Blacks selling crac in almost every bar in Toronto and our tax

dollars are going to pay cops to monitor private parties and



So,   did Richard Warman’s postings  “precipitated further hate messages in response.


You decide…..