Monday, March 23, 2009

Kingston Police Harass FreeDominion Website: Are Police to become moderators of political message boards? What's next, a license?

Kingston Police Harass FreeDominion Website:

Are Police to become moderators of political message boards? What’s next, a license?

On March 18, 2009, Connie Fournier, the owner of FreeDominion, (a conservative message board), received a phone call from the Kingston Police Service asking why they did not ban a member named Edward Kennedy, for comments he allegedly made about serial plaintiff Richard Warman.

According to a posting by Connie Fournier on FreeDominion, a complaint was filed with the Kingston Police by Richard Warman, who is well known on the internet as a serial plaintiff and former employee with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

At present, Richard Warman has three separate lawsuits against FreeDominion for material that appeared on the message board, that was critical of Mr. Warman and his campaign of “Maximum Disruption”. Warman has filed defamation actions in the Ontario Superior Court and are currently awaiting a trial.

Unlike Mr. Warman, who frequently pretends to be a woman named “lucie” or “Mary duffort” on the Internet, using pseudonyms such as “Pogue Mahone” and “Axetogrind”, Mr. Kennedy is very open and well known in the Kingston community. He is a member of the local Landowner's Association, and frequently posts on FreeDominion using his own name.

As Connie Fournier points out, “The only way Edward Kennedy could be more open about his identity is if he had a google map to his house in his signature line.

Message Board Owners liable for everything?

Message Boards, interactive content, and comment sections are all currently under attack by the out of control Canadian Human Rights Commission.

A message board like FreeDominion is open to all members of the public to discuss current issues in Canada. Message boards provide a useful and interactive method of having political discussions from Canadians coast to coast. Lengthy debates of Canadian government policy are commonplace.

Messages Boards are the ultimate in freedom and allow for the ventilation, refutation and admiration of politically incorrect issues. Sadly, when some can not articulate their beliefs, they resort to calling the nanny state and demand control and censorship of the offending opinions.

Marie Line Gentes is a good example of a person who seeks to silence open debate which might offend privileged minorities. In 2007, Mrs. Gentes filed a ludicrous hate speech complaint against FreeDominion. The complaint was later dropped, but a series of ancillary lawsuits from the comments over the CHRC conduct is still outstanding in the courts.

Are Police the new Message Board Moderators?

With the recent events of the Kingston Police calling FreeDominion to explain why they didn’t ban a user, are the police now assuming the role of a moderator on FreeDominion?

Do other message board have to worry that the political police might phone them also? What will happen if you don’t give an answer the police want to hear?

Will you now be subject to an investigation? Will your door be kicked down, your computers seized and then put on display for the local media? Sadly, such things have already happened in Canada.

These sort of police state tactics lead down a road to criminalization of thought and speech. Will your door be kicked down because some user on your message board posted a comment?

A license to run a message board?

I’m sure the enemies of freedom would love to have every message board operator in Canada register with some political oversight agency, who can approve what comments are posted. Just like the CRTC or the CHRC. A band of political fanatics can spend their days blacking out comments they don’t like or comments that might “offend”.

Freedom of speech is stolen from us by degrees. A little here, a little there. And with the Police questioning FreeDominion, our freedom of speech has been again restricted. It might not seem like much, but it is significant and revolting.

-Marc Lemire


And message board owner, who has been put through a 6 year legal ordeal because of comments written by mostly anonymous people on his message board.