Wednesday, April 1, 2009

British MP Galloway breaks Canadian Censorship Ban and Speaks [Conservative MP Kenny is a MORON]

British MP Galloway breaks Canadian Censorship Ban and Speaks

Despite the ludicrous ban on British MP George Galloway to enter Canada, he delivered his speech in Toronto via video-hook up.

Conservative Jason Kenny pushed for the Galloway ban, claiming he was a security threat to Canada, due to his condemnation of the state of Israel. While Galloway is a bit of a crank, and only now claims freedom of speech is in peril - because it suits him (yet Galloway was 100% supportive to ban France’s Le-Pen and David Irving) Whatever Galloway might have said, it’s is nothing compared to the damage Canadians’ rights to Freedom of Speech has suffered. Galloway has the right to be wrong.

Not surprisingly, for the fanatical Israeli first Conservative government, Jason Kenny has on numerous times used his political power to silence those he dislikes. This is an affront to all Canadians.

On October 17, 2007, Jason Kenny introduced a motion before the House of Commons to pass a unanimous resolution to ban Paul Fromm and Alexan Kulbashian from being able to give a speech on how bad Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act really is. Now that opposition to Section 13, is becoming a cause celeb, and money making opportunity, Kenny suddenly flip-flops and supports a repeal of it.

Like a typical controlling, restrictive, censoring, tin-pot fascist, Jason Kenny got the following motion passed:

By unanimous consent, it was ordered, ‘That this House order that Alexan Kulbashian and Paul Fromm be denied admittance to the precincts of the House of Commons during the present Session to preserve the dignity and integrity of the House.

Kenny was recently called a “professional whore” by an Arab group. And to be honest, no truer words were ever spoken. And living up to his controlling, dictatorial personality, what did the Fuehrer Jason Kenny do? He took away any funding the Canadian Arab Federation received. While I believe they never should have received government funds in the first place, it is quite another thing, for the dictator Kenny to rip those funds away because some Arab grounds do not support Kenny’s genuflected and fanatical Israeli first policy.

The CIC should have never received tax-payers dollars, period. Not because they disagree with Jason Kenny or the Conservative Party, but because funding of special interest groups – that’s ALL special interest groups – should be stopped. If the CIC claim’s to represent their constituents, they can raise the money themselves.

It should not be off my back!

Galloway Breaks Conservative Censorship

Galloway’s Speech Excepts:

Stephen Harper and Jason Kenny have failed…

Jason Kenny … Come out and debate with me like a man. Face to face. Lets book the biggest hall in Canada and you and I will debate these issues.

And you won’t be able to hide behind your spokesman, or the so-called jewish - so called defence league. You won’t be able to hide behind your immigration officials, or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Come out and debate me like a man Jason Kenny, or are you too cowardly to face the public and defend your views and the way your betraying …Canada”