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Ontario Human Rights Commission Conspires with Canadian Nazi

Ontario Human Rights Commission Conspires with Canadian Nazi

This is an oldie, but a goodie!


The Canadian Nazi Party was founded in 1965 by a young 24 year old man named John Beattie. In it’s peak, the entire Nazi party consisted of approximately 10 people, and of those maybe 2 were genuine.

In 1965, Beattie made national headlines multiple times across Canada as the self-proclaimed leader of the Canadian Nazi Party. As just an example, here are a few of the headlines carried by Toronto newspapers on John Beattie in just a three month span in 1965: “Furious neighbors stone east-end Nazi headquarters”, “Brickbats for Nazis hit house next door”, “Civil servant Nazi to be checked”, “Nazi plans park rally for public”, “Nazi calls disturbance charge 'preposterous'”, “As a result of all the media publicity, Beattie was.”

Due to all the media attention, John Beattie was fired from his civil servant job as a customs clerk for a surgical supply firm in Toronto.

John Beattie and his Canadian Nazi Party didn’t have many friends in government, but thankfully for Beattie, there was one government agency, so backwards and corrupt, they loved him. And that government agency was… the Ontario Human Rights Commission!

At the height of Beattie’s Canadian Nazi Party fame, the Ontario Human Rights Commission was busy assisting Beattie in keeping his $75 a week job.

On June 4th, 1965, Herbert Sohn, an officer with the Ontario Human Rights Commission met with Beattie’s former employer in Toronto and requested that he be given his job back.

Canadian Nazi Party had some strangely high-powered friends including the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

New book to expose the relationship between the Jewish Congress and Nazi Party

In 1965, Canada became the victim of a 30 year campaign by fanatical pro-censorship groups to criminalize speech. The entire episode is a dark chapter in Canadian history and culminated in a bizarre “False Flag Operation,” which had the Canadian Jewish Congress aid and expand the Canadian Nazi Party. Then the CJC used the Nazi Party to pretend that Canada was in dire need of criminal prohibitions against speech.

It all sounds like wild conspiracy theory, but the entire tale of the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Canadian Nazi Party is detailed in the soon to be released book by Marc Lemire – Silencing Thought: The Human Rights Industry War on Freedom of Expression.

The book by Lemire is based upon dozens of articles, government documents, RCMP report, books, interviews and contemporary research. A detailed account on how Canadians were deceived into criminalizing speech based on false pretenses and outright lies.

The so-called “Hate” law was passed into law on April 13, 1970, by a near empty Parliament. The final vote was 89 in favour. 45 opposed, with 127 members not attending the vote.

The Fight for Freedom Continues

Fighting the fanatics at the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission and defending freedom of speech for ALL Canadians is not an easy task. In particular, the final submissions which we've just finished consumed the most time and resources. This has meant sacrificing a lot of cherished things in my life that I used to take for granted such as spending precious time with my children. It's also very costly and has incurred heavy debts given that I'm facing a "Human Rights" juggernaut that has a limitless budget. It has already spent millions and is prepared to spent a lot more of your tax dollars to keep their thought control machine running.

My courageous lawyer Barbara Kulaszka and myself have demonstrated what two dedicated researchers can accomplish against overwhelming odds. We have single-handedly and doggedly fought the System and exposed the corrupt underbelly of the "Human Rights" Commission's fanatics. Nothing ever comes easy when you are fighting such a racket. This case is a seminal one, where the outcome will have serious implications on our right to think and speak freely in this country for generations to come. All Canadians will benefit if we manage to get this shameful law expunged from our legal books.

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It’s time to end the censorship of the extremist Canadian Human Rights Commission!

Stop Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act