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LEMIRE: 2,044 days under the Iron heel of the CHRC

2044 days under the Iron heel of the CHRC

The entire landscape of Section 13 has changed

June 30 2009 marks 2,044 days that I have been under the iron heel of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Amazing as that sounds, YES, that’s two thousand and forty-four days! I am a single-handed stimulus package for the “human rights” industry!

For me, the whole thing started on November 24, 2003, when serial Section 13 complainant Richard Warman signed a complaint against me and a separate but identical complaint against my website, the Freedomsite. Over the intervening 2,044 days, my lawyer – Barbara Kulaszka and I have absolutely crushed the Canadian Human Rights Commission and exposed many of their spying operations, tainted investigations and dirty corrupt underbelly.

At the beginning of this ordeal, little was known about who Richard Warman was or his motivations. Even less about the secret shadowy world of CHRC investigators like Dean Steacy and their outrageous investigative techniques. The media turned a blind eye to what the CHRC was doing, and by doing so, offered them Carte Blache to carry on their devious crusade and inquisition.

This whole case was not for the weak at heart. After seeing some of the Zundel CHRC case in action when I was a teenager, I knew what it meant to fight. It was a totally stacked system where no one before me won anything. It meant a huge amount of work and research. Unfortunately for the CHRC, this case ignited something inside me.

Barbara KulaszkaThe Gentle Warrior

There is no one in the legal profession that’s works as hard as Barbara Kulaszka does. Just look at the amazing statistics from my case:

26 Tribunal Hearing days spread across four cities (Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Oakville)

Witnesses: CHRC called 2 witnesses, Attorney General of Canada called 1 witness, Marc Lemire responded with 8 witnesses

Over 6,000 pages submitted by Lemire

Over 656 letters of correspondence

Motions filed by Marc Lemire: 25

Pages of transcript so far: 5,977

Binders of evidence by Marc Lemire: 10

I never had any real grasp of how hard a legal case really was. Every letter sent requires time and preparations. Legal Motions are very in-depth and take many hours of research and time. Binders of evidence, which have to be sorted, broken down into tabs, then photocopied (15 copies of each binder!) then three-hole punched, then put into binders. It takes an incredible amount of time, research and knowledge. The costs are just staggering! For just tabs, binders and paper alone, I spend well over $3,000 bucks.

Barbara’s hard work has really paid off. So far that CHRC has sent in five different lawyers against me. At the beginning of the hearing, it someone named Ikram Warsame. She left the case very early on. Then in came Giacomo Vigna. Her did most of the case for the CHRC, then lost his “mental serenity” and was off the case. Along came Margot Blight, who now is representing the CHRC. Along the way lawyers Ian Fine, and Phillip Dufresne were also involved. It just shows how mentally tough Barbara Kulaszka really is to have outlasted so many lawyers, who have crumbled under the pressure.

Hard work really pays off.

2,044 days later, the impossible has happened. Barbara Kulaszka and I have turned the tables on the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The mainstream media woke up and to date there has been at least 250 anti-CHRC editorials and articles published. The CHRC has been under multiple investigations (including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner), Dr. Keith Martin a Member of Parliament has tabled a motion to repeal Section 13 and the Justice Committee at the behest of Conservative MP Rick Dykstra is looking into reviewing the questionable CHRC’s investigative techniques.

All the hard work we have done while in the trenches, it is starting to pay off big-time. All those sleepless nights, the many weekends away from my children to do research, all the access requests filed and the transcripts of cases reviewed and indexed. Barbara Kulaszka has put together the best challenge this law will ever face and in the end we will win!

Evidence from Lemire Hearing

· CHRC covertly hijacked a woman’s internet account

· CHRC used a variety of pseudonyms online to engage respondents. Including “Jadewarr” and “Odens Revenge” all without any oversight

· CHRC Agent Dean Steacy under cross-examination by Barbara Kulaszka stated: “Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don't give it any value… It's not my job to give value to an American concept.”

· There are no guidelines on what they can post online

· The CHRC had a policy up until the Federal Court decision in Lemire in January of this year, not to disclose to any respondent in a section 13 case that the Commission investigators were communicating under false names with respondents via emails and/or were signing up accounts under false names. This admission brings into question the legality of each and every section 13 case decided by the Tribunal.

· Police Information has been obtained or given over a dozen times. And all without any formal agreement regarding exchange of information thus no legal authorization to exchange it. (breach of Privacy Act)

Marc Lemire is a former Canadian Forces Medic and Toronto area computer expert who runs the Freedomsite ( and was charged by the CHRC in 2003 for alleged violations of Section 13 by mostly unknown parties on an internet message board he ran in 2003. As part of his defence, M r. Lemire is undertaking the most serious constitutional challenge the Canadian Human Rights Act have ever undergone. To date there has been 25 hearing days, and Mr. Lemire has called world-renown expert witnesses to challenge every aspect of Internet censorship by the CHRC.

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