Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Protest to Support Mother of Children Seized Because of Her White Nationalist Politics


Supporters of the Canadian Association for Free Expression will hold a protest outside Family Court [408 York Street] in Winnipeg tomorrow morning (June 23) at 9:15 to support efforts of a 26-year old Winnipeg mother trying to regain custody of her children. The children  -- a girl 8 and a boy 3 -- were seized by Manitoba Family Services in March of 2008 after the  girl came to school with a swastika  painted in magic marker on her wrist. Manitoba Family Servives is seeking permanent custody of the children alleging that the political views of their parents may cause them emotional harm.


"This case is a scandal," says Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. "I call this state kidnapping of the children of dissidents."


"Absent serious physical abuse, parents have the right to have and raise their children. Sadly, this is not the first time people with unpopular religious or political views have had their children taken away from them in this country," Fromm added from CAFE's office in Rexdale, ON.


"Because she wanted family services to communicate through her then lawyer, the mother has been denied visiting rights to the children since February," Fromm explained." How can separating emotionally vulnerable children from their natural parents possibly be in the children's best interests? he asks.


"The young mother is penniless and can no longer afford legal counsel," Fromm said. "Her supporters provided her with bus fare to return to Winnipeg to fight for custody of her children," he added.


CAFE has raised money for and provided advice to the young mother who cannot be named by court order.







Contact Paul Fromm, Director,

Canadian Association for Free Expression,

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Rexdale, ON, M9W 5L3



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