Thursday, September 10, 2009

The CHRC in a State of Confusion over Lemire Decision. What will happen now?

The CHRC in a State of Confusion


With the recent Lemire decision to find that Section 13 and 54 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is unconstitutional; the Canadian Human Rights Commission fanatics are in a complete state of confusion.


In a letter written on September 9, 2009 by Chief Persecutor Daniel Poulin, he states that the CHRC has yet to interpret the decision in the Lemire case.  Could this mean the CHRC plans to just ignore the Lemire decision, and continue with their campaign of censorship and subterfuge?


Letter by CHRC lawyer – Daniel Poulin

Dear Tribunal and Parties,

The present follows a number of emails and letters from the parties and interveners in the present case regarding the Charter issue and more particularly the recent decision of the Tribunal in the matter of Warman v Lemire.

At this time, I have yet to receive specific instructions from the Commission as to the position to be taken in interpreting the decision of Warman v Lemire.  Consequently, I am unable to make submissions on that matter at this time.  As soon as I have receive instructions, I will communicate with the parties to express the Commission's position.

Daniel Poulin
Legal Counsel
Canadian Human Rights Commission DANIEL.POULIN@CHRC-CCDP.CA



It appears that Daniel Poulin has been moved into the position of Chief Persecutor, after an unfortunate breakdown of “Mental Serenity” by Giacomo Vigna.



What will happen now in the Lemire case?


The countdown has been initiated.  From the time of the decision, there is a 30 day window for an appeal. 


As of today, there are only 23 days left for an appeal of the Lemire decision.   The final date for any appeal, has to be commenced before Oct 2, 2009.


The only ones that can appeal this decision are:


  • Canadian Human Rights Commission:   Will they throw more tax-payers money down the drain to prop up their censorship franchise?
  • Attorney General of Canada:  A letter writing campaign has been started by FreeDominion and conservative bloggers to have the AG accept the decision of the Tribunal.  The AG, Rob Nicholson, has also voted to rid Canada of Section 13 at the 2009 Conservative Policy Convention
  • Richard Warman:  Highly doubtful that Warman would actually spend any of his own money to appeal the decision



23 days and counting….








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  • Hate Laws Debunked:  Exposing the junk science behind "hate" legislation[$15]
  • Challenging the Internet Censors:  Constitutional Challenge of Section 13 and 54 of the Canadian Human Rights Act [$15]
  • In Defence of Freedom:  Marc Lemire Vs. The Canadian "Human Rights" Enforcers [$20]




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