Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stephen Boissoin challenges Human Rights Industry in Alberta

Stephen Boissoin is a pastor in Red Deer Alberta, and back in 2002 wrote a letter to the Red Deer Advocate, wherein he made comments about homosexuals and “homosexuality’s wicked agenda.”   As a result of this letter, a local busybody filed a “hate” complaint against Mr. Boissoin with the Alberta “Human Rights” Commission.  After a lengthy hearing in 2007, a human rights Tribunal found Mr. Boissoin promoted hate, and ordered him to pay $7,000 in “damages” and ordered him to apologize.


Thankfully, Mr. Boissoin appealed this ridiculous decision by the Human rights censors.


On September 16th and 17th, the appeal is being held at the Alberta Court of Queens Bench.


Let hope Mr. Boissoin can scrap the censorious Alberta law and ring the bell for Freedom in Alberta, just like Marc Lemire was able to by defeating the out of control Canadian Human Rights Commission.



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More information on the legal challenge to Alberta’s censorship law: