Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CHRC Jennifer Lynch's Speech to CBA in Dublin Ireland - Lynch claims there is a "reverse chill" against the CHRC

CHRC Jennifer Lynch’s Speech to CBA in Dublin Ireland - Lynch claims there is a “reverse chill” against the CHRC

Lynch claims bloggers have created a “reverse chill” and begs CBA lawyers for help to keep her censorship franchise alive


On October 5, 2009, Marc Lemire received a response to an Access to Information request he filed back on August 20, 2009. The request by Marc Lemire was for “Speaking notes and background documents of Chief Commissioner Jennifer Lynch speech given on August 15, 2009 before the Canadian Bar Association's meeting in Dublin Ireland. Would like the invitation of the Canadian Bar Association, and any CHRC correspondence over this appearance. Also requesting the supporting documentation used in Lynch's speech, including the "anonymous letter she received stating that she should be shot dead."

In the speech by the Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission – Jennifer Lynch – she claimed that a “reverse chill” exists for the defenders of Human Rights Commissions, and that journalists like Mark Steyn “have successfully created a ‘chill’ that makes it difficult for anyone to defend those bodies without also becoming a target.”

Lynch asked lawyers from the Canadian Bar Association to come to the CHRC’s aid, and write “letters to correct misinformation.” [Guess Lynch’s message was received].

Bloggers and writers wrote extensively on the ludicrous claims by Jennifer Lynch. Mark Steyn wrote in a piece entitled “Jennifer Lynch: Please send reinforcements!” that “Oh, dear, what’s the country coming to? Defenders of state censorship are too cowed to speak out in favour of not letting people speak out? You could hardly ask for a better snapshot of the degradation of “human rights” in contemporary Canada than the chief censor whining to a banqueting suite full of government apparatchiks that the ingrate citizenry are insufficiently respectful of them. The bureaucrats at the top table control hundreds of millions of public dollars. Jennifer Lynch represents state power; Ezra and I represent a bunch of impecunious bloggers

Ezra Levant summed up the Lynch speech as “What Lynch really meant in Dublin and at her previous hate-filled rant in Montreal is that she doesn't believe she ought to be accountable. Mere scrutiny, for her, is chilling. Mere opposition and criticism is being targeted. But no-one has sued her; no-one has commanded her to appear to answer for her private political thoughts. At most, she was invited to answer questions by her bosses, at a Parliamentary committee, to merely answer questions about her staff's outrageous conduct -- but she refused to attend, and now attacks the MP who invited her, Russ Hiebert, as one of her 1,200 enemies on her official enemies list, compiled at taxpayers' expense.” [They're laughing at you in Dublin, Jennifer]

Deborah DumbPong, after hearing about the Lynch speech criticized thatCry me a freakin' river, Jennifer. You said it. This is all about defending your jobs, not about defending "vulnerable minorities." Her total lack of ability to put herself in the shoes of those bodies like hers have persecuted is astonishing. She thinks she's David when she's Goliath.