Friday, December 18, 2009

BCF: $45,580.39 of your tax dollars spent hauling CHRC Kommissar David Langtry between Manitoba & Ottawa

$45,580.39 of your tax dollars spent hauling CHRC Kommissar David Langtry's ass between Manitoba & Ottawa

A beleaguered taxpayer suggests David Langtry the eminently expendable Ersatz Human Rights Kommissar be relieved of his entitlements. Couldn't they have hired someone who might at least endure residing in Ottawa, rather than haul Langtry's ass half way across the continent so he can "go to work"? Langtry is on the public tit till 2012-07-31 at a salary class of GCQ 6 $ 163,000 - $ 191,800.

Guest Post by Gary K.

On June 16, 2006, The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Vic Toews, Q.C., appointed David Langtry to the position of full-time Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Langtry (that would be Lynch’s underling) was elevated to the position of Deputy Chief Commissioner on August 3, 2007.

Langtry’s carbon footprint is so frickin’ large, it would make Al Gore green with envy. Did you know that the taxpayer’s of Canada pay all of his travel and accommodation expenses for him to travel from his home in Manitoba to Ottawa, on a weekly basis, so that he can “conduct regular business at Commission headquarters?” Uh?

Recently, I compiled a spreadsheet with embedded links that refer back to the CHRC website reflecting Langtry’s expenses for the period commencing late June 2006 – Dec 2007.

A few weeks ago, Lynch testified before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights. She stated emphatically that the commission’s work was very important to all Canadians. Is it Jenny? Then tell us why your deputy commissioner only worked 174 days during the entire year of 2007. We can see the enormous amount of “hate”, “discrimination” and “social inequalities” there is to combat out there when your “full-time” commissioner only works “part-time” hours extracting a “full-time” salary from the taxpayer’s of our nation - generously supported and backed by members of our elected officials to fulfill a politically-correct mandate. Now we see why the CHRC needs to continuously increase their “expanding knowledge”, Jen. You need seek out more work for your under-burdened, over-blown bureaucracy. Right?

So, what did Langry’s total travel and hospitality expenses cost taxpayer’s of this nation in 2007? Answer: $73,024.40. And from this total expense, how much of it was used to ferry his ass from Manitoba to Ottawa on a weekly basis to go to work? Answer: $45,580.39. I should mention that it still continues to this day. That’s right. Canadian taxpayer’s have been contributing to his frequent-flyer miles program for three and a half years. Did I mention that he only worked 174 days in 2007?

Pay particular attention to these dates entered on the spreadsheet (11/16/2007– 11/22/2007). Mr. Langtry was attending a “National” Human Rights Institutions forum and relieved the taxpayer’s for a mere $8,305.34 of their collective funds. Where was this “National” forum held? Moncton? Saskatoon? Ft. McMurray? Puce, Ontario? Nope. It was held in Uganda. When did Uganda become a frickin’ province of our Confederation?