Wednesday, February 3, 2010

STEYN: Guy Earle - Regular Guy, broken man and "Marc Lemire ... wound up inflicting more damage on the Human Rights racket than anything else"


Steyn: “Marc Lemire, whose bloody-minded refusal to sit there and take it wound up inflicting more damage on the [‘Human Rights’] racket than anything else.”




After listening to Guy Earle, I really do feel sorry for the situation he has found himself in.  He was just going about his life, and then someone hits him with a Human Rights Complaint.   I certainly can relate to some of the feelings that Earle is having.  I was just in my mid-20’s when I got hit with a Section 13 complaint by Richard Warman.  Once you’re hit with a human rights complaint you don’t really have many options.   Even if you apologize and give up, that doesn’t stop the meat grinder process from grinding on.


Mark Steyn has often written that the “process is the punishment.”  Anyone that has been a victim of the “Human Rights” process, know how true those words really are. I am now a 7 year victim of an out of control process, and it’s not even close to being over. Thanks to the Human Rights Commission, we are now heading to Federal Court, and in a strange perverse role-reversal, I now find myself in the position of arguing that the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal was correct and made a proper decision


Talk about the Alice in Wonderland world of “human rights”.  For 6 years, I was in front of the Tribunal arguing they were a violation of our Charter rights, were out of control, and misguided.  I went even further and analyzed every single Section 13 case to document and prove how the Tribunal (up until me) had a 100% conviction rate.   Now it’s me who has to go to Federal Court and say the Human Rights Tribunal was right!   Sometimes, I really need to pinch myself, just to make sure I did not fall asleep and slipped into some sick and twisted nightmare.


-Marc Lemire








Regular Guy, broken man





Tuesday, 02 February 2010

Guy Earle is the stand-up comic being dragged through British Columbia "human rights" hell by two drunken lesbians who decided that his put-down of their heckling was "homophobic". His trial begins in Vancouver on March 29th. If you read his latest update here, it's clear that Mr Earle is in a bad way:

The HRC is being used as a tool for personal gain from a group that has no class, scruples or understanding. Of all the Canadian installations, wouldn't you want the HRC to have some kahoonies? Ah but... this is a make work project for their people, isn't it? They don't care that two years of my life is GONE. There is no concept of the damages they cause, the opportunities I've lost... Wow, you thought I was bitter BEFORE? Well, now I've become so bitter I can't perform. In a lot of ways, they've won already.  

And, in case you doubt that, listen to him in this interview with one of the few media guys to be following this story, CHQR's Rob Breakenridge. Mr Earle sounds like a man on the verge of an on-air breakdown.

Different people react to "human rights" torture in different ways: Ezra Levant and I are oppositional by nature and by profession. You take a swing at us, we'll swing back. Go ahead, "human rights" punks, make our day. So is Marc Lemire, whose bloody-minded refusal to sit there and take it wound up inflicting more damage on the racket than anything else.

But most victims of Canada's thought police aren't like that: They're just regular folks trying to get on with their lives without catching the eye of the state enforcers, and, in that sense, Guy Earle is far closer to the gay guy with acute sinusitis forced to close down his b-&-b or the health-club owner taken to the cleaners by a pre-op transsexual who wanted to use the ladies' showers. These are fellows leading fully compliant Trudeaupian lives who nevertheless find they've managed to attract the attentions of an ever more whimsical tyranny.


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