Friday, April 16, 2010

Senator Finley on RoadKillRadio. Freedom of Speech in Canada & Human Rights Fanatics (Mentions the Lemire case multiple times)

The Erosion of Free Speech in Canada 

7:30 8:00 pm:  IMPORTANT!!!!  SENATOR DOUG FINLAY (Ontario South Coast) will join us to talk about his “Inquiry into the Erosion of Free Speech in Canada.”  (Global News Article)  Click here for the Debates of the Senate, March 30, 2010 (National Post article topic related)

8: 00 – 8:45 pm:  JOHN CARPAY, Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation will join us to further talk about the issues involving Free Speech.  The Foundation has been instrumental in securing a number of VICTORIES involving Free Speech that are now going to be appealed.  Visit their website for details on these court cases.

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