Sunday, December 26, 2010

ORDER of Federal Court - CFSL, CAFE and ACLC are granted status. The Battle Lines for Freedom of Speech are now Drawn

On Christmas eve, we finally received an order of the Federal Court of Canada, which accepted the intervention applications of:

* Canadian Free Speech League
* Canadian Association for Free Expression
* African-Canadian Legal Clinic

Who knows what took the Federal Court close to 3 months to render this tiny decision, but with luck the case will start moving forward at a faster pace, and we can have a spring hearing into the Constitutionality of the censorship provision - Section 13 (1) and 54 of the of the Canadian Human Rights Act.


The court has referred this case to the Chief Justice, which will do "case management" on it. Apparently, this is a good thing with so many parties, and will move the case forward to a hearing.

Everything is now set, all the arguments have been made, and soon it will be up to the Federal Court of Canada to make a ruling agreeing with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, and wipe this censorship provision off the legal books and remove the speech noose many Canadians suffer under.

The battle lines are set.

Supporting freedom of speech, and an end to the fanatical speech control of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

· Marc Lemire
· British Columbia Civil Liberties Association
· Canadian Civil Liberties Association
· Canadian Free Speech League
· Canadian Association for Free Expression

Seeking to uphold Section 13:

· Canadian Human Rights Commission
· Richard Warman
· Canadian Jewish Congress
· B’nai Brith Canada
· Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre
· African-Canadian Legal Clinic

Please stay tuned on the Freedomsite, for more updates and upcoming court information.