Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ROY GREEN: Freedom of Expression? Certainly! Unless......


Freedom of Expression? Certainly! Unless......

From Roy Green’s website.

It is the on air exchange with Canadian Human Rights Commission chief commissioner Jennifer Lynch on freedom of expression (speech) which most resonates during these days when the question of what is and what isn't acceptable speech is the subject of hot debate.

I quizzed the Chief Commissioner on the fact one of her senior investigators, during an actual Human Rights Tribunal hearing, had been quizzed on what value he placed on freedom of speech.  Paraphrasing, his reply was he placed no value on freedom of speech because freedom of speech is an American concept.  When I suggested to Ms. Lynch her investigator ought familiarize himself with the Canadian Constitution in which freedom of speech is enshrined, she countered the investigator was under stress at the time of the hearing and that the Canadian Constitution's reference is to "freedom of expression".  I will concede the Chief Commissioner that point. In Canada the technical term is "freedom of expression", but Canadians when speaking to the issue will invariably consider "freedom of expression" and "freedom of speech" interchangeable.  Besides, the CHRC investigator's view addressed the "concept", not the literal definition.

Freedom of expression and speech have been some will argue under assault and if assault is too harsh, then under review might serve.



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MARC LEMIRE: This exchange on the aspects of Freedom of speech, was during my hearing.  The witness was Dean Steacy, “Mr. Section 13” and my fantastic lawyer Barbara Kulaszka was grilling him on the witness stand.   I can tell you, when Dean Steacy made that comment, the entire hearing room went silent.  None of us could believe we just heard what he said.



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I remember that interview well,  it was then that Ms. Lynch announced that the CHRC had undergone a moment of clarity, a conversion on the road to Damascus, a change of heart concerning, or more likely a memo from their tax payer funded PR advisers at Hill & Knowlton that the jig was up,  and the CHRC  would no longer allow it's staffers to play at Neo-Nazi's online. [BCF]