Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CHILLIWACK TIMES: This commission must go - "Inquisitions and kangaroo courts have no place in this day and age!"


“Inquisitions and kangaroo courts have no place in this day and age.“




This commission must go


By John Martin, (Criminologist at the University of the Fraser Valley)

Chilliwack Times May 31, 2011 8:02 AM


It's time to once again set our sights on the country's human rights commissions. A few years ago this was one of the most controversial issues in the country. The Canadian Human Rights Commission, and its provincial counterparts, were under intense scrutiny for their reckless attempts to impose censorship and exhibiting a horrifying disregard for due process.

Created many decades ago to address discrimination toward those seeking employment or housing, these commissions soon found themselves with little work on their hands as there just didn't seem to be enough discrimination out there to keep thousands of politically correct bureaucrats and appointees busy.

So they started seeking out other witches. Magazine publishers, stand up comedians, website operators--soon none of us were free from the over-reaching clutches of the human rights industry.

But the tables turned and soon their activities and ludicrous rulings dominated the headlines. Parliament, the Privacy Commissioner and even the RCMP investigated them. Employees of these commissions have been accused of being members in several online hate groups and routinely posting racist messages to see what type of mischief they could rouse up. And then, of course, come to the rescue and bust the owner of the domain.

But as is usually the case, news items have a limited shelf life. The commissions briefly toned down their more outrageous buffoonery and even acquitted the occasional chap unfortunate enough to be hauled before one of these kangaroo courts.

Just as they're willing to take some fallout for eliminating the gun registry and axing the political party subsidy, they should do the right thing and call it curtains on the country's human rights commissions.

Inquisitions and kangaroo courts have no place in this day and age.



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