Saturday, July 2, 2011

What's positive happening for Freedom this week. Roundup of articles.


What’s positive happening for Freedom this week.  Roundup of articles.



·        Judge Says Google Can be Sued for Sniffing WiFi Packets eavesdropping on unprotected WiFi APs is still eavesdropping!

·        [VIDEO] Levant & Shaidle on anti-gay speech planned for Pride week Conference coincide with Pride weekend

·        [CCF] Feds back out of Whatcott case, save taxpayers a bit of money

·        Interesting Vid (EFF) "Using 'National Security' Concerns to Hide Internet Censorship" Canada does same thing

·        THE CENSOR DOWN UNDER: Australia Heads down the Slippery Slope, Authorizes ISPs to "voluntarily block" Block Content.

·        Alberta's Wildrose Party voted overwhelmingly in favour of abolishing Alberta's Human Rights Tribunals Good Riddance!

·        Know Your Rights: What to Do When Law Enforcement Goes After Your Digital Data. EFF's Guide

·        Bravo to Guy Earle for fighting back! "Comedian takes B.C.’s Human Rights Code to court over gay slur decision"  

·        The Human Right to Tweet? Broadcaster fired over controversial tweet files human rights complaint with CHRC

·        Wilders acquitted of hate speech against Muslims