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Canadian Human Rights Commission ARE LIKE THE NAZIS! Kulaszka was right to make the comparison


During the Marc Lemire hearing this week, Federal Court Justice - Mr. Justice Richard Mosley - took great offense that Lemire’s lawyer Barbara Kulaszka dared to describe Canada’s internet censorship law - Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act as similar to the worst repressive totalitarian regimes such as the Nazis or the Communists.


Joseph Brean writing in the National Post described the encounter as: “Ms. Kulaszka compared Section 13, and its supposed 100% conviction rate, to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, which did not sit well with Judge Mosley. ‘Let's not get carried away with hyperbole. Some comparisons are offensive,’ he said. ‘Counsel should know this and restrain yourself.’”


Let’s take a look at the facts, and you can make up your own mind.  Is Section 13 a law totalitarian regimes like the Communists or Nazis would love?




Are The Canadian “Human Rights” Commission like Nazis?

The Nazis

The Canadian Human Rights Commission

The Nazis targeted one race

The CHRC targets only working-class Whites, whose beliefs they disagree with.  When Muslims or friends of the CHRC are investigated for posting vile hate, the CHRC dismissed the complaints as “not in the public interest”.

The Nazis used unfair courts and tribunals while limiting any possible defence

Not a single person has ever won a case before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (over 40 cases…) 100% conviction rate! Stalin, Mao and Hitler would be jealous!

The Nazis targeted the poor

98% of victims the CHRC attacks are poor. 90.7% of victims are so poor they are not able to even hire a lawyer to represent them. Victims are not able to get legal aid, and the government pays the expenses for the complainants.

The Nazis used militarist terms and concepts to forward their totalitarian agenda

The CHRC uses the language of war, of enemies, of  fear and hysteria and a belief that laws of coercion will change hearts. They publically write in terms of “fighting”, of “combating” those they disagree with, in which the fighters must show “solidarity”.

The Nazis used all means at their disposal to silence their opponents.

The CHRC shall “…try by persuasion, publicity or any other means that it considers appropriate to discourage and reduce discriminatory practices…

Section 27(h) - Canadian Human Rights Act

The Nazis used the Gestapo to attack and silence their political opponents

The CHRC has benefited from the Police raiding people’s homes for alleged “hate”.  No criminal charges are ever filed but the CHRC uses the seized material against victims before the Tribunal (In contrary to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms)  The CHRC pose as Nazis and infiltrate internet websites and message boards searching for Canadians with politically incorrect views to persecute.

The Nazis would get people fired from their employment over their beliefs

A recent victim of the CHRC (Terry Tremaine) was fired from his position at the University of Sask. for his political beliefs.

The Nazis used Krystalnacht (Night of broken Glass) to attack their enemies and used “brown shirts” to attack political opponents on the streets.

The CHRC has publicized groups with a long history of violence (ARA). This includes attempted murder, uttering death threats, assault and harassment – even advocating blowing up Domino Pizza outlets!



Dictators and totalitarian regimes around the world all have the same idea in mind, and they want to control information and stifle dissent at all cost. Under Adolf Hitler, political dissidents were imprisoned and sent to camps. In today’s communist China, the Communist politburo plots to “purify” the internet (China's top Red vows to 'purify' net – The UK Register, Jan 24th, 2007). In Saudi Arabia, internet bloggers sit in prisons. In Canada, the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s “Strategic initiatives” section sits in Ottawa and plots to “cleanse” the internet of idea’s and speech it doesn’t like. In all cases, the effect is the same. State sponsored control of information and political repression.


Because of the fanatical ideologically driven efforts of the “human rights nazis” at the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Canada has now sunk to the level of a China, Nazi Germany, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in terms censorship.  The apparatchiks at the CHRC regularly scour websites like looking for anything to attack their political opponents with. If they can’t find enough to “get them”, they get their willing accomplices in the Gestapo – Canada’s misnamed “hate crimes” political police – to raid people’s homes on trumped-up “hate” charges. The police, under the guise of criminality, seize computers, books, clothes and even shoes! The items will never be used in a real court – where real rules of evidence are used – but rather are entered as evidence before Kangaroo-like show trials at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunals, where fairness is almost unknown to those accused of “hate”.  The rules of evidence are just mere suggestions, hearsay and double hearsay evidence is just fine; where truth is NO defence (but rather a reason to convict the accused and increase the amount of the fine!); and where politically correctness reigns supreme. 


CHRC Emulated Chinese Internet Control Policy

Today in communist China, dissidents like Zhang Wei, are subjected to show trials and kangaroo courts, then locked away in jails. Zhang Wei is in a Chongqing jail for six years for running “unapproved news” in his paper. In September, 2006, the Canadian Human Rights Commission admitted during a conference call with the ‘Human Rights’ Tribunal in the Lemire case, that they have strong armed upwards of 200 to 300 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) [mostly in the United States, where the CHRC does not have ANY authority], to remove content they disagree with.  And amazingly this is done with no tribunal order or any determination of the material. Stalin, Mao and Hitler would be jealous!


Like other totalitarian countries, Canada has the stain on its history of imprisoning people due to their political beliefs. Just in terms of the Internet, at least four people recently have been or currently are in Canadian prisons.  “Thought criminals” like  Tomasz Winnicki, Terry Tremaine, Reinhold Meuller and Jean-Sebastient Presseault of Quebec for posting material on his website.


The misnamed Canadian “Human Rights” Commission is currently undertaking an ideologically-driven war against speech and political commentary on the Internet. The CHRC’s censorship rage knows no limits. Some 46 cases have been brought since the inception of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (Internet censorship law), and every single one of the defendants were White. 98% of all cases involved poor defendants and only 9% could afford a lawyer to represent them. The CHRC is drunk with power, and intent on silencing all opinions they disagree with and will use “any means necessary” to enforce their politically motivated anti-White racial hatred on Canadians. And we say NO MORE!



Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada):


"Human Rights Commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society…It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff."

(BC Report Newsmagazine, January 11, 1999)



Attorney General of Canada – Rob Nicholson,

“Our government believes that Section 13 is not an appropriate or effective means for combatting hate propaganda


... Maclean’s magazine, National Post, and even the Toronto Star says this section should go.”

(House of Commons – Parliament. Nov 2011)









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