Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Salim Mansur: Repeal Section 13 Censorship

Salim Mansur calls for a repeal Section 13 Censorship

Salim Mansur is a professor at the University of Western Ontario and a newspaper columnist for the Sun newspaper chain.  Mansur is also the author of the very interesting and thought provoking book Delectable Lie: A Liberal Repudiation of Multiculturalism.

Article from the CJNews:

Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau introduced the concept [of Multiculturalism] into Canadian law in 1971, and support for multiculturalism spread to other western democracies. But in the last year, the leaders of France, Germany, Britain and Holland have all questioned its merits, and the Canadian public has never been as enthusiastic for it as have the country’s political and media elite, Mansur said.

“Forty years later, you can see how utterly weak those arguments were… How is the culture of the Taliban equal, when you consider how they discriminate against women and other religions?”

If support for multiculturalism continues unabated, Mansur predicted a vastly different Canada. “Fifty years from now, if all cultures are equal why not have sharia (Islamic) law in Canada” or Sikh or Hindu law for people of those backgrounds, he asked.

Today, “judges are confused,” human right commissions try to stifle free speech and students feel stifled on university campuses, he said.

The antidote to multiculturalism is promoting Canada’s own intellectual heritage. “Liberal democracy itself is a culture. It’s not some fuzzy idea. It is a culture that emanates through five centuries of historical struggle.” It places “man as the measure of all things” and the liberal struggle is the struggle for individual freedom, he said.

Adding to the “bad logic” that substituted group rights for individual ones was the “bad faith” approach by politicians who saw multiculturalism as a means to gain favour with hyphenated Canadians, Mansur said.

He called for repeal of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which regulates online hate speech.



From:  Multiculturalism based on ‘flawed logic:’ prof.  (Canadian Jewish News)