Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Big Brother: TrapWire Mass Surveillance Spy Network Operating in Canada recently released documents from WikiLeaks indicate

Big Brother:  TrapWire Mass Surveillance Spy Network Operating in Canada recently released documents from WikiLeaks indicate


TrapWire is a Minority Report-like, global facial-recognition surveillance system designed to spy on American's (and now Canadians)

Britian's Daily Mail compared the TrapWire system to the movie "The Bourne Identity" which tracks Jason Bourne's movements through a series of civilian cameras and digital feeds.



Recently released confidential documents from StratFor (Strategic Forecasting intelligence agency) posted on the WikiLeaks network, details one of the largest predictive facial-recognition surveillance programs in operation today – known as TrapWire.  Some of the documents indicate that the TrapWire program is in operation in Canada via the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


According to The Daily Mail "Trapwire is a security system that uses CCTV cameras to relay encrypted images of people to a data centre. These are then compared with images from various other cameras to track suspicious activity."  The system was designed by former high-ranking CIA operatives and others in the Pentagon and DHS.  StratFor describes their system as "a software system designed to work with camera systems to help detect patterns of pre-operational surveillance, that can be focused on critical areas to help cut through the fog of noise and activity and draw attention to potential threats."  (Stratfor operates in Canada, and was recently accused of spying on PETA activists, among others in Canada at the behest of Coca-Cola during the 2010 Olympics in BC)


The Daily Mail reports that: "Anyone who takes a photograph at high-risk locations is logged as a suspected terrorist on a vast network of secret spy cameras linked to the U.S. Government, according to leaked emails. People pointing cameras in New York are regarded as suspicious and the facial recognition images of them from the civilian CCTV are fed into a data centre run by U.S. firm Abraxas. The system then connects with hundreds of other cameras in a bid to pinpoint potential terrorist activity … The TrapWire system is linked to civilian CCTV cameras." In a scary comparison, the Daily Mail continues "It has disturbing echoes of the film, The Bourne Identity starring Matt Damon, in which CIA officials use a network of spy cameras to track around the world someone they though they had assassinated."


The TrapWire spy network has the potential to become a significant threat to civil liberties and privacy.  It records your facial-recognition signature and stores it in government databases for – who knows – to access. (and we know how good the government is at protecting confidential data)  


It would not be surprising to see government data-mining operations which would link your facial-recognition signature captured by secret government cameras into other government held confidential records like your driver's license or health card photo.  Once a match has been made, and your digital "fingerprint" – the retained facial-recognition data – is correlated with your name, address and other personally identifiable data which would enable the government to create a digital profile of your life.  And this would all be done without any prior judicial restraint or pesky questions from the media or civil libertarians. 


As we have seen, the entire TrapWire program has been deployed in secret and cloaked under the guise of national security … and how could you be against National Security? – unless you're a terrorist!  Thanks to whistleblower websites which have exposed this story to the light of day, or the entire big brother surveillance operation would have gone on without any scrutiny whatsoever.



Canadian TrapWire Connection


WikiLeaks has posted an email by Stratfor Vice President of Intelligence Fred Burton ( sent on July 16, 2010, which boast of some of the TrapWire deployments:


"TrapWire for the Great State of Texas is a go. Cash should begin to flow to Abraxas within 10 days. As many of you old-timers know, we arranged to get a cut. I think the first dump is $250,000 to Abraxas, with an annual renewal of $150,000 per year for the TrapWire license. The point man for the project worked directly for me at DPS. Abraxas has done work already pro-bono as good will. TrapWire may be the most successful invention on the GWOT since 9-11. I knew these hacks when they were GS-12's at the CIA. God Bless America. Now they have EVERY major HVT (High-Value Target) in CONUS, the UK, Canada, Vegas, Los Angeles, NYC as clients."


WikiLeaks has a further email by Burton from September 2010, where he boasts about having the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on his client list for TrapWire:


> -----Original Message-----

> From: Fred Burton []

> Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 7:54 AM

> To: Anya Alfano

> Subject: Re: TrapWire (TW)


> The agencies with TW are potentially the single biggest captive audience

> we have that could purchase something from us especially in the govt

> arena. Do you know how much a Lockheed Martin would pay to have their

> logo/feed into the USSS CP? MI5? RCMP? LAPD CT? NYPD CT? Its

> unbelievable access. Either we handle this one right, or we'll fall

> flat on our faces.



Slate Magazine published an interesting comment from the RCMP on the TrapWire program.  The RCMP is in damage control mode (IE: Moron mode), and in typical fashion, claims to not know anything about the TrapWire program but even if they did, they would not reveal it on "policy grounds".  Slate Magazine reports:  "The Stratfor emails—which are hardly a reliable source of up-to-date information—also suggest TrapWire is being used in Canada by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and in London by Scotland Yard and the Stock Exchange. RCMP said it couldn't offer any insight into why it was mentioned in the Stratfor email and wouldn't comment on technologies it uses or does not use on policy grounds."


Gee, I wonder what "policy grounds" the RCMP is talking about?  Smells like a typical cover-up by highly-paid state bureaucrats intent on keeping the big bucks rolling in to perpetuate the lie they are fighting "terrorism". (while real hardcore terrorists are welcomed with open-arms to Canada – re: Khadr family)  As an interesting side note on Canada's Spies, the Globe and Mail reported today on the incompetent morons at the Canadian Security "Intelligence" Service (CSIS) and more corruption, which CSIS lackeys term "security lapses" (which the Globe describes as "inappropriate access to CSIS databases")


@OccupyBayStreet posted an interview with TTC chair Adam Giambrone on the deployment on TrapWire in Toronto's transit infrastructure. (You can hear the interview here: Trapwire: Costs & Racial Profiling. Interview with Adam Giambrone, former TTC Chair) According to Giambrone, the TTC is not currently using TrapWire technology to monitor transit users.


Freedom in Canada?


free·dom / frēdəm /


    - The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

    - Absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.


What ever happened to the notion of freedom in Canada?  Have we really become the land of censorship by stealth?  Do we really want to give the Canadian Government the power to monitor our actions and movements via a system of complex facial-recognition systems?  Were we asked – or even told – that such systems are being deployed across Canada at the probable cost of millions to Canadian tax-payers?  How has the false concept of "national security" been used to deny even the most basic requests to the state for information on their spying programs and infiltration operations?


I'm with the former Minnesota governor Jessie Ventura who recently said "I'd rather face the terrorists than lose any of my freedoms".  Sadly here in Canada, our government welcomes the terrorists with open arms, and censors anyone who dares expose what they are doing.





-Marc Lemire

August 14, 2012