Friday, September 7, 2012

Criminal Case against Terry Tremaine for Spreading "Hate" - STAYED by Sask Court


News is just breaking that the Sask Court of Queen's Bench Justice Fred Kovach has stayed the criminal “hate” charges against former University of Saskatchewan math professor, and prolific poster on Stormfront.  The criminal charges were stayed because Crown Counsel (government lawyers) dragged their heels and did not bring a prosecution of the case after more than 90 months.


This is good news to all freedom-loving Canadians who are disgusted by the state censoring non-violent opinions on the internet.   The case against Mr. Tremaine was under Canada’s notorious criminal “hate law” (Section 319 of the Criminal Code) which criminalize certain types of speech – generally at the behest of special interest groups and serial complainers.


Thanks to Canadians all across this country, Parliament has woken up to freedom of speech, and has voted to repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.  A highly abused section of the Act, administered by Nazi fetishists in the out of control bureaucracy at the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission.  Now it is time to get rid of the Criminal prohibition against so-called “hate” speech.  It is an unreasonable limit to freedom of expression in Canada, and has been shown over the last 20 years of the operation of the criminal “hate law” – it has been used almost exclusively to target a certain type of speech, which is only ever applied against one racial group – white Canadians.   Muslim imams who preach hate to hundreds in a Mosque or on the Internet – are totally free to do as they please with little interference of the busy-body hate crime units across Canada.  Instead the police hate crime units across Canada, are busy posting an avalanche of hate speech themselves in an effort to drum up business for themselves.  (See the Edmonton Police on their state funded hate posting enterprise)


We have had 30 years of state censorship and criminalization of speech.  It has not worked and the unintended consequences have muzzled many Canadians.  Let’s give freedom a try!


-Marc Lemire






Here is an article from the Vancouver Province which discusses more about today’s court ruling:


Hate charge stayed against former university lecturer because of delays

By Jennifer Graham, The Canadian Press,  Sept 6, 2012


REGINA - A hate charge has been stayed against a former University of Saskatchewan math lecturer because the case took too long to get to trial.

Terrence Tremaine was charged in 2008 with wilfully promoting hatred for postings he allegedly made on the Internet that referred to Jews as a "parasitic race" and black culture as "fundamentally depraved and disgusting."

Court of Queen's Bench Justice Fred Kovach stayed the charge Thursday noting that about 50 months had passed between the time the charge was laid and last March, when an application to stay the charge was made. The application argued that Tremaine's charter right to be tried within a reasonable time had been violated.

"The delay in this case is inordinate, unreasonable and attributable to a combination of factors including institutional delay, actions and/or inactions of the Crown and, to a much lesser extent, actions of the accused," said Kovach.

"It would be inappropriate to now attribute fault or assign responsibility for prior delay to any specific individual."

Kovach noted a trial date had yet to be set and could have been months away.

He also noted that the maximum punishment if convicted is two years in prison — twice the amount of time Tremaine has waited for the case to work its way through the courts.

"The accused has been subject to stringent bail conditions throughout that period," he said.

Tremaine lost his job at the university in 2005 when the allegations came to light. Court heard his career as a computer programmer was ruined because one of the conditions restricted his Internet use.

Tremaine did not comment as he left court Thursday.


The full article can be seen on the Vancouver Provinces website at: