Saturday, February 16, 2013

FreeDominion Campaign for Freedom of Speech

FreeDominion – The “Big One” Donation Drive


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When "human rights" suits were not successful, they have turned to copyright and defamation suits.

Please visit our archives containing the history of this campaign against us so far, including detailed documentation.

This year Free Dominion, and we as individuals, must struggle with three trials. The precedents set in those trials will make or break the freedom of speech and open discourse on issues on the internet. We will be fighting:

  • against Richard Warman and the National Post over whether quotes from a news article can be posted without violating copyright.
  • the assertion by Warman and the NP that internet posts should not be subject to the same civil litigation time limitations that apply to publications in other media.
  • the Baglow defamation case, which is important because the court asked us to bring in expert witnesses to educate them on how defamation law should be applied to the internet.
  • Finally, the long-awaited defamation case Warman vs. Free Dominion and John Does next September. The jury trial is set to last three weeks. We will incur many expenses including flying David Icke from the UK to address the truth of the allegations of Richard Warman’s campaign against him.

There is a lot riding on these court cases

The outcomes will have profound effects on anyone using the Internet or engaged in the new media whether as a forum participant, blogger, site operator, news aggregator or an e-mail forums operator. Many other institutions and people are involved - schools, universities, libraries, teachers, students, researchers and anyone else who uses the internet to access information and articles for use in their discipline.

Good decisions will mean the end of frivolous defamation suits and relief from the “libel chill” that has stifled discussion on blogs and forums over the past several years.

We are eagerly anticipating a full trial on all of the issues of Richard Warman’s reputation in front of a jury of our peers. Since he has sued or threatened to sue over eighty people for discussing these issues, a ruling in our favour will be extremely important to our freedom of political discourse and speech.

How you can join the fight

This year will cost us tens of thousands of dollars, but we are confident that we can represent your interests in court and we can win! This will be our most expensive year to date.

 Our lawfare opponents have been bragging that we will not be able to raise enough money to get these cases to trial.

We think that they are wrong about our support and further, that they are afraid that their legal actions will not stand up in a court of law.

Please help us by donating what you are able and, even if you can't donate, please pass this around to everyone you know who has an interest in issues of internet freedom.

If you have any ideas for increasing our reach, we would love to hear from you! E-mail

Thank you,
Mark and Connie Fournier

PS If you prefer to pay by cheque, you can make it out to "FD Internet Defence Fund" and mail it to:

Connie Fournier 2000 Unity Rd. Elginburg, ON  K0H 1M0

Or, at any CIBC Branch, you can make a deposit to Transit: 05342 Acct: 2611635

We can also accept Interac Emali Money Transfers at

All of these donations will be added to the Indiegogo campaign site so we can watch the total rise together!