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Canada = Absurdastan: Whatcott is guilty of "Hate Speech" for criticism of "sodomites", YET Government Agencies REFUSE to even allow Homosexuals to Donate Blood or Organs


Canada = Absurdistan



Whatcott is guilty of "Hate Speech" for criticism of "sodomites",

YET Government Agencies REFUSE to even allow Homosexuals to Donate Blood or Organs




Canada is quickly becoming the envy of third-world dictatorships and other totalitarian / authoritarian regimes around the world.  When it comes to individual liberty against the power of repressive tyrannical state control, Canada ranks nicely between China and Iran.  At least in Canada, we have yet to actually execute dissidents; we just throw them in jail for lengthy sentences and financially destroy them.


Canada has now become a real basket case, in terms of freedom, with the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision in Whatcott.  The Supreme Fossils ruled that Whatcott committed a horrible hate crime, by distributing flyers which called some homosexuals “pedophiles”.  While at the same time, the Government of Canada – through its state funded agencies such as the Blood Services Agency – ban homosexuals from donating blood or organs


Who is the one that is really discriminating? A guy putting out a few flyers (not hurting a single person) or the Government of Canada enforcing discrimination against homosexuals?



[Note to reader:  I am about to commit a possible HATE CRIME, and will show some information which may demonstrate a link with homosexuality and the AIDS virus…  As such, I invoke the only known hate crime defence [Dubbed the Jewish Exemption” by Ezra Levant] to a human rights complaint.  As I am not Jewish, I invoke the second prong of the CHRC’s “Jewish Exemption” legal test [See Para 32-33 of this CHRC decision], which is to advise viewers that the following information is merely posted “with the goal of furthering a public debate on freedom of expression” and I “may or may not agree with its contents”]








Homosexuals Banned from Donations


Homosexual blood donors have been identified as “high-risk” by the Government of Canada in the Krever report, and by the Centers for Disease Control in the United States of America. The Krever Report set out the results of a massive investigation into the safety of the blood system in Canada. The Krever report is available online through the National Archives of Canada.

Some relevant portions of the Krever Report:

· (p.184) “This hypothesis did not explain, however, why the disease was prevalent among homosexual men and intravenous drug users living in several large urban centres but not among those living in smaller communities throughout the United States”

· (p.187) “There was agreement that the disease was caused by an infectious agent and that those at risk of developing the disease included intravenous drug users and Haitians, in addition to homosexual men

· (p.188) “As reported by the CDC, 75 per cent of the persons involved were homosexual or bisexual men, 13 per cent were intravenous drug users, 6 per cent were Haitians, 0.3 per cent were hemophiliacs, and the remainder did not belong to any of those risk groups.”

· (p.189) “Also in October, the National Hemophilia Foundation recommended that homosexual men, intravenous drug users, and Haitians be excluded from donating blood or plasma in circumstances in which the plasma from the donations could be used to manufacture factor VIII or factor IX concentrates.”

· (p.215) “On the same day, Alpha Therapeutic Corporation announced that it was changing the way in which it questioned and examined its donors in order to attempt to exclude persons at high risk from AIDS. It would ask them directly whether they had resided in Haiti, were intravenous drug abusers, or were homosexual men.”

On June 21, 2007, the Federal Government Blood Services Agency (administered by Health Canada), issued a policy “indefinitely deferring any male from donating blood if he has had sex with another male, even once, since 1977” This policy is currently in effect today. (See: Canadian Blood Services' statement regarding the decision on the policy of deferring any male from donating blood if he has had sex with another male – June 21, 2007)

Canadian Blood Services Agency stated in a recent press release that:

“The MSM [Men who have had sex with other men] deferral policy is part of our screening procedures that are designed to identify a variety of behaviours and circumstances known to increase risk to the safety of the blood supply.

The review process began with a literature review, analysis of surveillance data and assessment of international MSM policies. Next, the Board of Directors commissioned the McLaughlin Centre for Population Health at the University of Ottawa to undertake an independent risk assessment of the current policy.” (Canadian Blood Services' statement regarding the decision on the policy of deferring any male from donating blood if he has had sex with another male – June 21, 2007)


The Canadian Blood Services Agency agrees that homosexual men are a high-risk group:

What is the rationale behind Canadian Blood Services' current policy on MSM?

The basic premise for the deferral criteria is that the prevalence and incidence of HIV is much higher in males who have had sex with other males (MSM) than it is in individuals having exclusively heterosexual sex, according to 2005 statistics from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

At the present time, United States FDA regulations, as well as Council of Europe Regulations, require the indefinite deferral of men who have sex with men even once since 1977. This includes the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Hong Kong. There are a few countries that have shorter deferral periods; 1 year - Argentina, Australia, Japan, Hungary; 5 years - South Africa; 10 years - New Zealand. (Blood Services Canada Questions and Answers MSM Policy Decision)


On January 7, 2008, the CBC reported that:

Dr. Peter Nickerson, director of Transplant Manitoba, which procures organs in that province, said transplant programs must now by law interview family members of the donor as part of the screening process.

"We'll be asking about things like travel, history of infectious disease, whether they've [donors] been in jail — that puts you at increased risk," Nickerson said. "Have they been an IV drug abuser in the past? Have they had tattoos? There's a whole list of questions we go through."

They are also asked about the donor's sexual orientation. The donor will be excluded if the donor is a man who had sex with another man in the previous five years.

Health Canada had contracted the Canadian Standards Association in 2003 to come up with standardized guidelines to ensure the safety of the organ donation system.

Transplant programs have been screening potential donors, but in some cases use organs from people in high-risk groups if they've tested negative for diseases. The new legislation means that practice must stop.

(CBC: January 7, 2008: Sexually active gay men no longer allowed to donate organs)





Think about this for a second.  Some guy who hands out poorly looking flyers with voluntarily exposed opinions that homosexuals are sodomites and that some homosexuals are “pedophiles” is worth a 12+ year persecution by one arm of the state, costing millions of dollars and employing over 40 lawyers … while at the same time, another arm of the state, is actually discriminating against homosexuals and won’t even allow them to donate blood [with the courts full permission BTW]! 


WTF is going on here in Harper’s Absurdistan?!?!


I say again, who is the one actually discriminating? The one who merely says it? Or the government who enforces it?



-Marc Lemire

March 6, 2013





** Above information (on government policy to ban homosexual’s blood & organs) is explained in more detailed here: