Saturday, March 2, 2013

CHRT 'Judge' Who slammed Richard Warman - Assigned to Marc Lemire case

CHRT 'Judge' who slammed Richard Warman - Assigned to Marc Lemire case

“The evidence in this case of [Richard Warman's] participation on Internet [hate] sites similar to the Northern Alliance site is both disappointing and disturbing. It diminishes his credibility.”

-Edward Lustig


“… There’s a tear in my Robert Simpson Beer



In the latest interesting twist to the nine year legal ordeal that Marc Lemire has had to endure for daring to post a single article on his website – The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has assigned “Member” Edward Lustig to oversee the rest of Lemire’s case before the Tribunal.


CHRT Member Lustig rose to some prominence in the mainstream media when he slammed CHRC serial complainer Richard Warman for his “disturbing” antics on the Internet message boards.  Articles in the National Post, Ottawa Citizen and Edmonton Journal and elsewhere read: "Anti-hate campaigner's strategy could have opposite effect: tribunal", "Crusader rebuked", "Lawyer crossed the line by posting on neo-Nazi website, tribunal rules", "Rights tribunal backs Warman, with reservation.” "Disappointing, disturbing" behaviour "diminish credibility", and "Anti-hate advocate rebuked".


That ruling by CHRT Member Lustig only looked at three or four of Warman’s postings.   Wait until Lustig see’s what Marc Lemire has on Richard Warman!  “Disappointing” and “disturbing” might seem like light and tame descriptions in comparison.





The battle for freedom is long from over.  The fossils on the Supreme Court – perpetually stuck in the 1970’s – which just ruled in the Whatcott case; have disgraced themselves and gutted the Canadian Charter of “Rights and Freedoms”.  Just look at the media coverage and commentary online about it.  There is not a single mainstream article supporting their decision. 


The justice system has been “exposed to hatred and contempt” by Canadians of all political stripes – and the justice system deserves it!  They are out of touch with Canadians and instead of being a bulwark against state control and censorship and a check on government power – they approve it at every turn.


If you want justice … stay as far away from the justice system as possible.





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