Saturday, April 20, 2013

HRC: What's Up with Bill C-304? [Contact the Senate today!]

A good write-up from www.HumanRightsCommissions - Stand Up For Freedom Canada!.  They are a “grassroots educational campaign to defend our fundamental human rights from Canada's human rights commissions and tribunals.”


Please find some time to write to the Senate and ask them to pass Bill C-304.  This will strip the censorship powers away from the fanatics and “Nazi Fetishists” of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.






What's Up with Bill C-304?


Many of our readers are quite familiar with Bill C-304, that freedom-enhancing bill sponsored by Mr. Brian Storseth that seeks to repeal the censorship powers of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal. It passed through the House of Commons relatively easily and moved on to the Senate. That was (at time of writing) 314 days ago. As we reported back in February, the Bill is still languishing there in the Senate, stuck at the "second reading" stage. So what's going on? As Connie Fournier over at Free Dominion notes, controversial 400+ page omnibus budget bills sail through the Senate in 11 days! The gun registry bill passed in 49 days. What gives? Why is a so-called "Conservative" dominated Senate holding up a free speech bill when 99% of the Conservative membership voted in favour of free speech at the latest policy convention? Is there maybe a link here with the fact that under the Conservative government, funding for the Canadian Human Rights Commission has actually increased? We hope not. 

Here are two things you can do:

1. Below is a sample letter for Senators that you can copy and paste into your email browser. We recommend that you edit the letter to make it as personal as possible. Then select the Senators that are in your province (see the list below for B.C., Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario as well as a complete list of all Senators). Copy their email addresses into your "to" field. Create your own subject line. Send off the email. Also, consider calling a few of them to chat directly about this issue and why it matters to you!

2. Below the Senate letter is a sample letter for the Prime Minister. Send that email to the Prime Minister as well, but also (and this is key!) follow up with a phone call afterwards. Just tell whoever answers the phone exactly what's in the sample letter. The contact information is listed below the sample letter.

That's it! You've just contributed to the preservation of freedom in this country! Thank you.

Sample Senate letter:

Dear Honourable Senator,
I've just learned about Bill C-304, the free speech bill. The Bill seeks to ensure freedom of expression for all Canadians by repealing section 13 (the censorship provision) of the Canadian Human Rights Act. This Bill needs to pass through the Senate soon. I understand that it has been stuck in the Senate for over 300 days already!

Some people argue that section 13 is necessary to protect vulnerable groups. However, the evidence is quite the opposite. The section has been abused by a select few for their own purposes and financial gain. And real instances of hate speech are already prohibited in the Criminal Code, which has the proper legal safeguards for fair trials.

Honourable Senator, it is obvious to me that section 13 has to go and that Bill C-304 should pass. Please vote for it and ask all other Senators to do the same.

Thank you for your service to this country.

Sincerely yours,


Sample Prime Minister letter:

To the Right Honourable Stephen Harper,

Dear Prime Minister,

I'm sure you are familiar with Bill C-304, the free speech bill. You have consistently voted for it in the House of Commons. In fact, 99% of the membership of your Conservative Party also favour the bill. This is why I am contacting you: I am very confused as to why your so-called "Conservative" Senate appointees are holding this bill up. The anti-censorship bill has been stuck in the Senate for well over 300 days now. Is there anything you can do to encourage them to get this necessary bill passed? For the sake of freedom, please have the Senate pass this bill like they did your omnibus bills.

Sincerely yours,


Contact information for Prime Minister Harper

Telephone: 613-992-4211

Senators: BC,,,,

Senators: Alberta,,,,,

Senators: Manitoba,,,,,

Senators: Ontario,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Senators: All of Canada