Friday, May 24, 2013

Why so-called "Hate Speech" laws can never work. Human Emotions can never be legislated, banned or criminalized!

Why so-called “Hate Speech” laws can never work



There is a very simple reason why “hate speech” laws do not and can not work.  You simply cannot “ban” an emotion, any more than gun grabbers can ban stupid people.  You cannot legislate away stupidity, nor can you legislate away an emotion.

Human beings hate.  Human beings love.  Human beings, no matter how many times the parental hand of the Nanny State demands it, will not stop being human beings.

Research done by a group in America proves this beyond any doubt. They studied  Twitter “hate tweets” and mapped them for all the world to see.

Below, the first map is the locations and density of  the so-called “hate speech” tweets in America. The bottom map shows population density.

They’re the same.

Imagine that.  Wherever there are people, there is hate.

I’m shocked!

You can no more outlaw “hate” than you can outlaw murder, rape, theft or lying politicians. They are all part of the Human Condition, and so long as we insist on bankrupting people for exercising their Right to Freedom of Speech  through are useless and abusive Human Rights  Commissions and Tribunals Canada will never ever be a “free nation.”

Just because we dislike what someone says, does that mean we must punish, ridicule and bankrupt them because of it?  Does a person asking a question really challenge our beliefs so strongly we must deny the very existence of a question?  No, that’s absurd.

As I’ve urged before, if you have not yet contacted Canada’s Senators and encouraged them to pass Bill C-304 An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act (protecting freedom), please do so now.

In Bulletin #130 Canadian Rights and Freedoms Bulletin published complete instructions for contacting every Canadian Senator along with contact information for them all.  You can download that issue by clicking here.

I would also encourage you to learn more about Marc Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, a challenge that ultimately must prevail if Canadians’ Right to Freedom of Speech is ever to be restored.

Even if Section 13 is ultimately repealed by Canada’s Senate, unless Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge is successful, those already stripped of their Right to Freedom of Speech by this heinous law have no chance of restoring that precious Right.

Is it right to strip someone of their Right to Freedom of Speech even after we repeal the law that made it possible?  No, that is unconscionable.

So are Canada’s hate speech laws.


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