Sunday, September 28, 2014

OCLA petition in defence of civil rights of Arthur Topham

The criminal prohibitions on speech in Canada are shameful.  Section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code [so called “hate speech” law] is a ridiculous law, which is used to silence and stifle a SINGLE viewpoint in Canada.  The “hate law” has little to do with stopping “hate” … and all to do with censoring and harassing a marginalized group of Canadians who dare to speak out on controversial topics.


Like the disgraced Section 13 “hate speech” law; now repealed and repudiated; the criminal prohibitions on speech have been used and abused by vocal special interest groups to target their political enemies – all risk free of course; since the Canadian state picks up the tab and uses the power of the police and judiciary to crush anyone who dares fight back.


The petition which the Ontario Civil Liberties Association has put forward is well worth reading and signing.  


WTF!  Is this Canada or Absurdastan?  No Canadian should ever be charged under this fake law for holding NON-VIOLENT “CONTROVERSIAL” opinions which may hurt the feelings of the privileged few.



-Marc Lemire






From: "Joseph Hickey - OCLA" <>



Dear OCLA Supporter, 


Please take a moment to read and consider signing OCLA's petition in defence of the civil rights of Arthur Topham, a BC man who is currently being prosecuted under a "Hate Propaganda" section of Canada's Criminal Code. The petition is online at the following link:


OCLA has the position that sections 318 to 320 of the Criminal Code should be repealed. These sections allow egregious violations of the civil rights of liberty, just process, and freedom of expression. Under these provisions, a person can be jailed without the Crown being required to prove any actual harm to a single identified individual.


Mr. Topham was arrested in front of his spouse, detained, subjected to a home-invasive seizure, and faces jail time if convicted, for expressing his highly unpopular views.


OCLA’s public statement on this matter is available at:


Please read OCLA’s letter to the BC Attorney General asking her to withdraw her consent for this prosecution, which is available at:


Yours truly, 


Joseph Hickey
Executive Director

Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA)

613-252-6148 (c)


"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." - Voltaire







Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fight for your free speech against out of control Libel Laws in Canada

Mark and Connie Fournier (FreeDominion) are in, yet another legal battle, which can have a wide-ranging impact on freedom of speech in Canada.

Over the past year I have written numerous times on the case and the impact it may have:

This case deserves your support!

-Marc Lemire


Many bloggers have been finding themselves under legal attack by richer, more powerful political opponents who are using defamation law as a tool to shut down debate and destroy opposing websites.

We are involved in a case that will set case law on this matter that will either give us protection for our political speech, or give the court's blessing to this practice.

The case is about words that were posted on our website by a poster who was using a pseudonym and he made a negative comment about the pseudonym of another political blogger.

If we can be punished for this, then nobody is safe.

The court has appointed an expert witness to testify about the nature of online discourse and ordered the parties to pay for him. In addition, a case that was scheduled for three days has ballooned to 14 days, and it could turn out to be more!

We believe that the expert will be valuable in communicating to the court that online conversation should not be considered equal to content in other media that has been vetted by an editorial board and presented as "news".

We think we can get a good decision that will protect all of us, but we need your help to get it done!

Please help us by donating what you can, and/or by sharing this campaign through your social media.

We are able to accept donations outside of this campaign and add them to the total, so if you would prefer to use PayPal, you can contact me at the email below.

If you prefer to use an Interac e-Transfer, you can send it to .

Or, if you like using the mail, our address is as follows:

Connie Fournier
2000 Unity Rd
Elginburg, ON K0H 1M0

Thank you for your help!

Mark and Connie Fournier

Great article about defamation law and free speech by John Feldsted. Read it here!