Thursday, November 27, 2014

Defamation: Jumps the Shark [Awan vs Ezra Levant]

How much more evidence do we need to reach the conclusion that Defamation (libel) law in Canada has become a farce and needs a review at the political level? The UK far surpassed Canada.   

Jump the shark?   Indeed!

While not speaking directly about this libel case... honestly what is going on?  

See the commentary by Ezra Levant:

And ruling here:

Libel Laws in Canada need to be reformed. They currently serve no decent; honest or ‎needed remedy in Canada.   Yet are used over and over again for "lawfare" to attack their political opponents.   If you on the "right-wing" that equates to an almost 100% conviction rate.  

Libel has got to go... especially so-called "internet libel"

We need to reform this system!