Sunday, March 22, 2015

Untitled Poem by Douglas Christie


From the Friends of Freedom newsletter – Feb/March, 2015:







It has been two years since Doug Christie passed away, and in memory of him, I would like to share with you his last poem, found after his death. I hope you find some com fort and encouragement in it.






I have no regret for all the

wounds I've suffered,


By those who hacked and

hewed and tore at my good



I fought for what I thought was



And I would fight them just the

same again.


For soon no more remains of all

my sorrow.


For once gone they can inflict no

more of pain,


And I will count the world’s

contempt and sneering,


Not as a loss of hope, but as a



For those who can not go upon

this journey,


But must remain to battle when

I'm gone,


I pray that when the struggle is

too weary,


I can from be yond the rest less



Stretch forth my arm and help

to make you strong.